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The cold world with happiness

Tiredness turns your mood bad. Like you don’t wanna talk to anybody.

Tiredness makes your body weak. Like you can float wooh. And you walk like you’re drunk.

Tiredness kills. Conclusion?


This is what i experienced after my Genting trip with band. I’m back! ( okay actually i’m backed at Sunday morning but what i did is sleep and sleep and sleep so only now i touch my blog 😀 ) If you saw my status you would know i sleep for a world record of 24 hours wow o wow i also shocked. I saved 3 meals?! HAHA.

We went there to perform. Marching at the outdoor man! It’s a new experience for all of us. The negative side? We got muscle pain woohoo. :’) Luckily the weather’s cold so we won’t sweat. Nice weather BUT MY LIPS SUFFERED. Walao i think it’s the cold weather made my lips dry and bleed. Wth so pain loh! Next time when wanna go to cold places needa bring lip care already.

UsPreparing for the performance!

UsLook from the back! Wait for it…

BandThis is us performing! ♥

UsA nearer look. In case you’re wondering, the front one is me 😀

ClownsThese are some clowns that walked in front of us when we marched. I felt kinda pity for them cause they have to put on their makeup for the whole day. Wooh bad for the skin.

Tall clownsMe thinks these tall tall clowns are creepy. Don’t know why. Like can 1 slap then people will die.

UsWhy became so colourful one?! Hah actually there’s still got green at the back too far lah.

We changed to the Genting clothes for the last performance on Sat night. The clothes are TOO BIG LAH.

PercussionI heart my section ♥ 😀 It’s our bond babe!

Besides performing we too have fun! I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 with wanyee. AT MIDNIGHT. 1.15am. Just the 2 of us hah. A new experience for us. We didn’t fall asleep man! XD The mermaids in the movie are so pretty! But they’re scary at the same time ==

After watching the movie damn sleepy. I slept at 4 am then woke up at 7 am to play the outdoors. I’m so geng :O The 1st ride? COCKSCREW. Wooh my eyes definitely went like this O.O Not sleepy at all already. The most fun ride me thinks.

And i played the space shot woohoo! At 1st i thought it was very creepy cause i fear height seriously. It went up and up and up and stopped. My senior said to me ‘Can you see a bird there? Neh there ah the black one.’ I searched for it loh and suddenly. WE WENT DOWN AND I SCREAMMMMMMMMMMED. And it wasn’t that scary! 😀 So syok to be on high places to see the beautiful scenery!

BUT BAD THINGS HAPPENED. Wth i lost dad’s-rare-used phone at the outdoor. I don’t know where and how i lost it. Like it just disappeared. :@ My dad didn’t scold mua after i told him. :’) Thank god!

But at the evening i felt like vomiting. pfft too extreme already. THE SPINNING CUP. Walao i guessed we spinned it too fast. Too high lah! Please don’t laugh me. :’) And so damn tired! Luckily i get better cause we gotta perform at night.

StarbucksChocolate cream chip ♥ I rarely drink starbucks so try it loh. Kinda nice.

StarbucksThis is hazelnut chocolate drink. I prefer the 1st one.

ps: of course i didn’t drink 2 drinks at the same time == 1 drink a night ♥

A nice trip full with memories! Hope that we can have trips like this again. 😀

Tomorrow i’m going to the culture camp at new era woohoo. Finally got the mood back. After back from Genting i felt moody. Have no idea why. Like i’m lifeless. 😦 Hope that the camp will turn out nice! Many friends are going too so i hope i can have a good time~



Eggs can stand too! Believe it or not

Today is a school day and i skipped it. (shh) The reason?

1. I don’t feel like going.

2. I haven’t done my schoolwork which is a lot. WUWUT_T

3. My personal reason. Don’t ask what it is.=P

But i’ll go tomorrow. IF my personal reason has solved. But i guess mum wouldn’t let me skipped again.

CNY hols is officially over. WHY WHY WHY?!?!

I didn’t go back to my hometown which is very obvious cause i hanged on Facebook everyday. WHAT TO DO cause nothing to do. I sat in front of the laptop everyday (but not 24 hours=D) and watched tv everyday. AND I REALISED I DIDN’T REVISE. HELL YEAH. I said i would revise right? Not keeping my promise again. SIGH. BUT BUT BUT. I guess i could do nothing in hols except relax and socialize(?) on Facebook. LOL.

Oh. Last Friday(040211) is a special day. Once a year day.(DUH!) It’s 立春. Know what is that? Dad said we can stand an egg on 立春.


We know that eggs cannot stand by themselves on the ground. They just roll. BUT. See this:

egg standing

NAH! This cute little egg is STANDING! (ps: not my work lol. I tried many times but still cannot stand 1 egg URGH.) My dad’s work!

eggs standingWork of dad too. I wonder how he managed to stand those eggs.

Sis My little sister trying to stand 1 egg. (the 3 eggs in front are not her work LOL) But she ended up getting fruastrated and gave up. Like me. HAH.

So, believe eggs do stand. LOL.

On Saturday, i went 拜年(don’t know the word LOL) with my band members. It was a REALLY HOT day. Luckily i brought umbrella cause dad told me to HAHA. 果然是不听老人言,吃亏在眼前!XD We all ate CONTINUOSLY that day OMG. Non-stop. We ate lunch at the 1st house, tip-bits at 2nd(luckily), chicken and french fries at 3rd, KFC(chicken again) at 4th, and dinner at 5th. MAJOR OMG. CNY mah.


doggieDoggie! I wanna hold it but it ran away from me. FINE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE NOT SO CUTE AFTER ALL HAHA.

me and broWe’re vandalizing!playgroundWe all are still young. AHAH!

fireworksWe played fireworks in sin hou’s house backyard. POOR GRASS OF HIS. Burned by those fireworks. I hope his mum won’t scold him LOL.

allSweet memories=D




I think i’m going to eat really less this week. Yeah.

That day ended not well SIGH. We went back late and my dad got mad and he scolded my remain band members (or advising? I don’t know). Ok lah it’s kinda like our fault cause we got back late (10 pm count as late?).

My hols rate: 3/5

How about your hols? Had a good 1 or sucks?


Always be prepared!

2 posts in 1 day. WHO CARES? HAH!

I HAVE TO SAY IT. OKAY LAH I’M NOT THAT DESPERATE. But i just wanna share it hee=D

When: Saturday (29.1.11)

Where: Metro Kajang

Who: Me, yenyen, meiyan and huiwen

I met them after band activity and turns out they’re going to town to buy things. So i tagged along. We went to MCD, Cziplee, and lastly Metro Kajang. Meiyan wanna buy a magazine but couldn’t find it anywhere so we went inside Parkson. The toy department of Parkson. (something’s going to happenXD)

We found a lot of bear bears and other animals. And the photo shoot began. AHAHAH!

meiyanmeiyan with the panda head. Pity meiyan cause she got serious panda eyes. I ALSO GOT WUWUT_T

me!Me with the OH-SO-CUTE bear!=D

yenyenSO SUIT HER!XD She’s a comedian man. And SOO CUTE! (i mean the bear don’t get it wrong HAH!)

huiwenhuiwen with the flower thingy. Symbolise Crazy Flower!

meiyanmeiyan is sooo cute!=D

me!That banana thingy is SOO FUNNY! yenyen gave it to me and i posed with it LOL.

ps: I do the go mi nam nose CAN YOU SEE? HAHA

meiyan and yenyenThe dog’s eyes looks like meiyan! LOL HAHAXD

me and yenyenWAHAHA! I looked like a pervert in this photo. yenyen looked more cham then me so i’m ok HAH!XD Guess who came out with this idea?

Ans: me=)

AND THEN we found a baby doll. SEE WHAT WE DID WITH IT=D

Here’s the link if you’re interested.

I LAUGH LIKE HELL when we’re recording it. Yenyen is sooo wonderful in making people laugh (and making her image blew away HAH!). She can be a comedian man. PRASING YOU LEH YENYEN=D

After we done having fun, huiwen went to change clothes and she phoned meiyan that EVERYBODY in the department is watching us and trying to figure out how to get us out. OMG OMG OMG. MAJOR SHAME SHAME! URGH.

But nvm. We don’t know those people in there and they don’t know us. HAH!

You have  to be prepared for anything when you’re with them. HAHA. They’re all 38 girls. (neninenibubu=P)

But it’s good to have friends like them=D (don’t fly up high ok!)


What The Hell

It’s not really good to say WHAT THE HELL on new year. LOL. It’s a song lah okay. And it’s Avril‘s. MY ULTIMATE IDOL!=D

It’s out on new year. And me likey!

So. I spent my new year eve and new year at a senior’s house. I had SOOO MUCH fun! I didn’t sleep for the whole night (or midnight if you prefer lol) We stayed up talking, playing, spamming each other’s wall on Facebook (we were so highXD), drunk-ing (as sin hao refered. I wasn’t drunk okay! But they didn’t believe. I just drank 1 tin of Carlsberg leh), crazying, beating each other, karaoking, oOo-ing (it’s actually a written form of the middle finger IN CASE YOU INNOCENT PEEPS DON’T KNOW. But we didn’t SHOW our middle finger to each other lah that’s RUDE man. We just READ it. And i mean READ OUT LOUD read. The pronunciation of the word is soo funny. 1 of my junior kinda invented it HAHA), psp-ing, junk food-ing (SIGH i never eat food in the midnight. AND NOW I’M FATTER. URGH). We were CRAZY that night HAHA.

I decided to sleep at 8 am because everyone was sleeping EXCEPT ME. And i woke up at 8.45 am. AND i didn’t feel OH-I’M-SO-TIRED-WANNA-DIE tired. STRANGE. The other people were so sleepy. I wondered what the hell is wrong with me? I guess i’m just healthyXD

I finally felt tired in the afternoon. So we went home. By bus. AND i hate buses that have MANY PEOPLE. HATE HATE HATE. (almost every bus is kinda full of people LOL) Especially when i don’t have a seat when i have heavy things to carry. GIMME YOUR SEAT PEOPLE! (i guess that’s not gonna happen cos’ i’m not old or disabled) Just saying.

It’s 2011 people! Time flies man. I’m not VERY looking forward to 2011. But time won’t wait for me. So i have to move on and live my life to the fullest (?) this year.

My new year resolution:

1. Study hard – I have to cos’ i don’t wanna let my parents down and it’s a student’s duty. SEE WHO’S TALKING LOL. If i done well in my exam and PMR, i’ll get a phone and everyone’s happy=D FIGHTING!

2. Practise hard my piano – It’s THE grade 8 practical test. Hard work has to be put in man. If not, i think i’ll fail the test.

3. Sleep early, rise early – It’s good for health and i need to adapt my body clock. No more late night sleep (except there’s a tv programme i wanna watch HAHA)

4. Make more friends – I don’t really like to know people. I prefer they take the 1st step (bad bad me). But i’ll try to smile more (people say i’m cool. I am?). I won’t push it too hard. Just let fate decides (?).

I don’t think i have any more time for other things. SERIOUSLY. SIGH. Study will take away lots of time. If i have spare time, i’ll:

1. Read my novels – Have some novels which i failed to read in 2010’s hols. I surfed the net almost everyday during hols. HAHA.

2. Practise my guitar – If i don’t, i’ll forgot almost everything i had learnt.

3. Watch all the movies – In my computer. Which i also failed to do so during hols. I guess i spent too much time in front of the laptop.

Happy new year people!=D And WHAT THE HELL! AHAH!



This is going to be a long long post haha.

Okay. Went to Universal Studios Singapore on 13122010. We played in the theme park for 2 days. (dad worried 1 day is not enough) It was fun!=D I will just talk about things that i like and.. read and you’ll know. I had no time to blog until now.

The 1st day i got there, i felt fidgeted. WHY? My shoelaces keep on loosing and i didn’t have my pin so my hair keep on falling and i had to carry a quite heavy bag on my shoulder. THAT’S WHY. But i managed to throw away that feeling and tried to have fun. It worked=D

Let photos tell storiesXD

Christmas treeMy dad said it’s the tallest Christmas tree in there.

Lightning and flashIt’s a thunderstorm show. My sister even cried after watching it LOL. Maybe it’s too real and scary for her.

Hard Rock hotelWe lived in here. It’s a 5 star 1. Quite classy and rock (of course lah it’s call HARD ROCK okay HAHA)

PoolView of pool from the room. Beautiful right?

Sherk 4DMy bro isn’t looking at the camera lol. Let me tell you, Shrek 4D is ah-mazing. It’s so real. You can even felt water splashing at your face when Donkey sneezed. I watched it twice man.

Donkey liveIt’s a night pub show. Donkey appeared in animation. He singed and danced and joked. Nice 1.

Funny faceMy sister did a funny face for me when we were in the SMALL ferris wheel. (it’s REALLY SMALL)

Funny face no.2Another pose HAHAX)

Mummy worldIt’s the entrance for the roller coaster ride. (i forgot the name paiseh) I think it’s the 2nd exciting ride in the theme park.

GalacticaI was sooo upset when i was told this ride is not available. It’s the MOST EXCITING ride ok?! URGH. Unlucky me. HAIZ.

RuYiOn the 1st day we had our dinner here.

Sour Spicy meeThis is quite nice=)

Btw I realised the food there is sooo LITTLE. 1 more example:

LaksaSEE?! It’s not even HALF URGH. Btw, this is what i had for breakfast the 3rd day. Laksa.

BreakfastThis is breakfast on 2nd day. I ate buffet actually. I had 3 plates. I forgot to shoot the 1st plate as i’m too hungry and the 3rd plate is just.. not pretty HAHA.

Move on to the subject.

This is the Waterworld show. It’s fantastic=D

SoldierBefore the show starts, there were these men shooting water at the audience. I was being shoot too. I like this show=)

boatThis is a boat ride. We sit in there and took a view of the dinosaur world.

45 degreeMaybe you see nothing. It’s darky. But it’s part of the boat ride. I got SOAKED when the boat came down from there as it’s slant 45 degree! DAMN.

CertificateI did went for the rock climb. NAH! This is the proof haha.

Monster RockI LOVEEE this show! It’s a musical show. These people dressed into Dracula, werewolf, phantom, mummy etc and sing+dance for us. 2 thumbs-up!=D I also watched it twice LOL.

Merry go roundAs requested by Cheryl=D Notice the animal down there? SOOOO CUTE lah! His eyes are BIG man.

ShirtBought this before we said byebye to universal studio!

CandyliciousEEEEEEEEE! CANDY time! It smelled sooo nice in there HAHA.

Ice cream YUMMY! =D

Wan tan meeWe ate wan tan mee in johor. DELICIOUS!

Finally done! Sure is a LONG post HAHA.




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