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Christina who? Grimmie!


Exam’s around the corner. Like 3 weeks away? OHMYSHIT. Somebody saves me?

Gotta work hard mannnn. sigh. Stress ah!

Maths please be more easy. Science please let me remember. Bm please don’t too hard on vocab. That’s all i ask for. TEEHEE!

Sorry for not updating for a while. X) Busy busy busy! Wooh!

I got so many dramas i wanna watch, so many mangas i wanna watch. ONE PIECE! FAIRYTAIL! DRAMAS WHICH I DON’T KNOW BUT I WANNA WATCH! Urgh what to do? :’) After exam only watch loh.

Btw. Christina you rocks ♥

2nd post on her i think. These are her recent ones!

Perfect is a NICE song. Her singing is just so…good!

Okay i don’t really like the original one. BUT THIS IS SO NICE WOOHOO! 😀 ♥

I’M A FAN! She’s so damn good at singing and she’s gorgeous. Ohmy. Feel free to see her other videos! Super nice!

Okay not going to update in a while so don’t miss me! Hah!



1 band 1 dream

It’s the wind band slogan. Like it!

Update :

Band. (oh not wind band)

The last 2 years, it was a dream to me. Seems like something soo far away. I envy those people standing on stage singing, playing guitar etc. SOO DAMN COOL. No lies.

And i wish i can stand on there too.

Now i’m closer to that dream.







I’m a part of a band now. WEEEEEEE!=D

HAPPY LIKE A COW. (although i have no idea cow can be happy or not cause it just eats grass and use its tail to chase away flies and help farmers. Yeah. Nothing to be happy about.)

And. I’m a vocalist. (don’t give me that O.O look i don’t like it cause you’re like don’t believe me or whatever. lol) I will not dissapoint. I hope.=P

I wanna learn guitar too. When i’m free. Cause it’s so cool. So good to sing along while playing 1. ELECTRIC GUITAR IS ALSO SUPER DUPER COOL. Like Orianthi. Guitar goddess.

And. Band jamming is a joy! Bimbim is in our band too. Special 1XD And the oldest 1. HAHA.

To bimbim: Dear bimbim don’t freak out okay smile and show me your white white teeth. If your teeth ain’t white go use darlie=D


1st time of jamming is quite okay. Except the keep speeding part. And the no microphone part. Yeah.

We can make it! Right? RIGHT? YEAH HELL RIGHT!

Don’t have a name yet. We’ll figure it out.  I don’t even have the slightest idea popping to my head.=D Dear brain please gimme some idea thank you very much.

And we have 4 band advisor. LOL LOL. Special mah.XD

I like my band.=D

I want us to get along well. No fights. No quarrels. COMMUNICATION IS VERY IMPORTANT. HEARD ME?=D Like 1 family. YAY~


Always be prepared!

2 posts in 1 day. WHO CARES? HAH!

I HAVE TO SAY IT. OKAY LAH I’M NOT THAT DESPERATE. But i just wanna share it hee=D

When: Saturday (29.1.11)

Where: Metro Kajang

Who: Me, yenyen, meiyan and huiwen

I met them after band activity and turns out they’re going to town to buy things. So i tagged along. We went to MCD, Cziplee, and lastly Metro Kajang. Meiyan wanna buy a magazine but couldn’t find it anywhere so we went inside Parkson. The toy department of Parkson. (something’s going to happenXD)

We found a lot of bear bears and other animals. And the photo shoot began. AHAHAH!

meiyanmeiyan with the panda head. Pity meiyan cause she got serious panda eyes. I ALSO GOT WUWUT_T

me!Me with the OH-SO-CUTE bear!=D

yenyenSO SUIT HER!XD She’s a comedian man. And SOO CUTE! (i mean the bear don’t get it wrong HAH!)

huiwenhuiwen with the flower thingy. Symbolise Crazy Flower!

meiyanmeiyan is sooo cute!=D

me!That banana thingy is SOO FUNNY! yenyen gave it to me and i posed with it LOL.

ps: I do the go mi nam nose CAN YOU SEE? HAHA

meiyan and yenyenThe dog’s eyes looks like meiyan! LOL HAHAXD

me and yenyenWAHAHA! I looked like a pervert in this photo. yenyen looked more cham then me so i’m ok HAH!XD Guess who came out with this idea?

Ans: me=)

AND THEN we found a baby doll. SEE WHAT WE DID WITH IT=D

Here’s the link if you’re interested.

I LAUGH LIKE HELL when we’re recording it. Yenyen is sooo wonderful in making people laugh (and making her image blew away HAH!). She can be a comedian man. PRASING YOU LEH YENYEN=D

After we done having fun, huiwen went to change clothes and she phoned meiyan that EVERYBODY in the department is watching us and trying to figure out how to get us out. OMG OMG OMG. MAJOR SHAME SHAME! URGH.

But nvm. We don’t know those people in there and they don’t know us. HAH!

You have  to be prepared for anything when you’re with them. HAHA. They’re all 38 girls. (neninenibubu=P)

But it’s good to have friends like them=D (don’t fly up high ok!)


I regret but there’s no turning back='(

I still feel sad now.

Friday. I didn’t expect IT to come so fast. Yeah, i was talking about the 2011 class list. When all my form 2 band members went to check it out, i feel nervous. In my heart, i didn’t want to see it. I told myself it was a joke that they made. But my curiosity drove me to walk towards the stupid notice board. And there it was. The NIGHTMARE.

I searched my name at the 3A list. NO. My name wasn’t there. I felt sick immediately. My eyes scrolled down to the 3B list. And there it was. My stupid name. My brain went blank. I felt nothing. Then my tears broke down. I started to cry. I felt devastated. (not the very shocked part la, i mean the very sad part lol)

That time we were supposed to take HAPPY photos with our form 5 seniors as they’re graduating. But the stupid class list ruined it.=(

I couldn’t control myself from not crying. I cried and cried and cried. Wanyee keep on telling me not to feel sad anymore and work harder next year (thanks for the comfort btw=)). I just couldn’t stop.=( I felt useless and mad about myself. WHY? Why am i in the B class?! Coz’ u didn’t work hard enough, DUH. ==Yeah, that’s true. I have to accept the fact that:

  1. I didn’t read finish some subjects.
  2. I still surfed the web during exam OMG.

I guessed i just have to accept it. Life’s suck. People move on. I have to too.

But i’m still praying. Who knows?=X


I’m a part of this and i like it

School closed yesterday. That means HOLS!X) BUT ALSO the end of the year and no-meeting friends-again-till-next-year.=(

Monday was the last day. Took lots of photos that day. I actually like my classmates. I really like my class too. I’m a part of it and i’m proud.=)

Here are some photos=) :

crazy flower club and me=D the FAMOUS crazy flower club and meXD

ps: meiyan is posing the flower pose.

cheryl and me cheryl and me with the (?) pose HAHA

munyee and me we’re trying to look cool:P

yuen khei and me SMILE=)

wan yee and me one of my best friends=D

jing yi and me the deskmate=)

the boys some of the boys=D

2A<3I LOVE 2A=)

Not everyone is in this photo. Some didn’t present.=(

Unfortunately, i didn’t have the chance to take photo with my bestie lixin.=( She didn’t attend haiz. But nvm, there’s next year!:D

I didn’t like my class at 1st. I thought there were a lot of nerds and dorks.=P (But now i don’t!) I only talked to my deskmate, the 2 boys in front of me, friends from 1A and..(i forgot already lol. My memory’s not so good) Then i knew some more people which were 38 and fun. (yeah, i’m talking about the crazy flower gang HAHA!) But i still didn’t talk so much in class. I’m like this. But i know my class is not boring. They are fun and 38 too! I grew to like my classmates then=).

I realise that i never talk to a quarter of my classmates. I suck right?=/

I truly want to stay in the same class next year. But my results.. HAIZ! I did not do well in the exam this time.='( It’s all my fault. I was lazy. ISH. But there’s no turning back now.

I’m letting the future to decide. And when the end of december strikes, i’ll know which class i’m in. By then, i’ll be DEAD. *SOB*

I still hope miracle happens. I wonder if there is any?=O

Back to the subject. A year almost comes to an end and i met some good friends in my class. Fate pulls us together and let us know each other. I’m lucky for having to know you guys. It’s a friendship that i’ll always treasure.

I just want to say: I love you guys! Thank you for giving me a memorable year! See you next year lah!=D


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