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Bzzzzzzz Bumblebee!

Transformers 3Watched this yesterday.

Man i love it. I don’t know why the reviews are bad. :S I guess different people have different opinions.

I always love Transformers from the beginning! 😀 The 1st one is sooo good! Heart it! I remembered i watched the 1st one twice hah.

Yeah Autobots, Decepticons. I like Bumblebee wee!


The movie is…long? Okay i don’t pay attention to the time cause i’m watching it SERIOUSLY. So nice mah. And after finishing it at the cinema at Metro Plaza (lao ya cinema pfft. Sigh cause it’s the only cinema near our house and it’s night already what you want go to Time Square at this time meh? So chose there loh. They don’t even turn on the aircond wth? And there’re REALLY. MANY. INDIANS. When we went into the cinema there was a smell. You know lah those indian smell == I don’t like indian smell :’D), when we got into the car i thought the time was only maybe 11 something and when i saw the clock i went OH MY BUDDHA IT’S 11.45 PM ALREADY OH MY PAPA! Uh huh THAT’S WHEN i found out the movie was long.

But. Worth it anyways.

There were 2 scenes that made me feel like crying. But i didn’t drop tears lah.

(i realise  that the advantages of going to cinema are: 1. You can cuddle up with your bf/gf. 2. If you cry silently I THINK no one will know cause it’s quite dark unless that people keep staring at you and don’t wanna watch the damn movie and waste his money. 3. You get a big big screen to look at and it’s so syok! 4. You get free super duper cold aircond in those high-end cinemas not like Metro Plaza pfft. 5. You can leave your rubbish at your own seat after finishing the movie (囧?!) okay just kidding.) Oh yeah!

1 of the scenes is before the Autobots being kicked off by humans to the space at the super big spaceship there. :S Why the humans so ungrateful one?! The Autobots help save their world TWICE loh! (chillax) And Bumblebee said bye to Sam that scene ooh kinda sad. 😦

And the other 1 is when the bad ones want to kill Bumblebee and Sam couldn’t do anything but watch and drop tears. So touch their friendship! I felt sour at my nose when watching this. No tears yet haha.

Duh i’m a pieces. So i’m emotional. 😀 (why am i proud?)

Again it’s a nice movie i like it! Yeah!

I wanna watch all the Harry Potters after PMR woohoo. Who got the tapes or dvd can lend me? 😀 Can? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD



Sweet comes after bitter

Wooh here i am again after like 2 weeks? Sorry blog.

Geez it’s been a long month babe. A stressful month. :’) EXAM LAH. But i felt good (woohoo). I READ books this time wee. Don’t wanna think about the results now lah! IT’S HOLS BABE! 


(what’s with the shit?)

Places to go: Genting the 1st week and camp the 2nd week. AND BOTH ARE 4 DAYS 3 NIGHTS I’M GOING TO BE FREE /evil laugh/. My dad says so anyways. He’s the one who said i’m going to be sakai. LOL cause no parents watching me. HEHE.

I’m going to have a good time! Looking forward weh o wa o wa o~ (this is the kitkat song) (i feel like singing it) (got any problem?)

It’s going to be a busy hols and me likey! ♥

My hols plan:

1. Watch manga

Hello i’m a manga fan. 😀 Long time didn’t watch One PIece lah! Boohoo. And Fairytail too. 😦 I totally forgot i read till where man. Ohmyshit. Gonna refresh my memory. MANGA HERE I COMEEEEEEEEEEE!

2. Watch drama.

GLEE. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. HELLCATS. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Oh my i wanna watch all those. But don’t know have the time or not. :/ Since i’m at home 3 days a week only. Geez.

3. Watch movie.

Who wanna belanja me? 😀 HAHA feel like going to the cinema to watch! Quite some times didn’t go there cause mum says it’s wasting money. Boohoo. I miss the feel facing the big big screen. And the super cold temperature. And the popcorn. So. IF YOU FEEL LIKE WANNA BELANJA ME SAY IT XD I’M HONOUR XD

Never say never

I watched Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never. SO NICE. And he’s cute.

Watched it during exam days. I’M STRESSED HELLO. In order to relieve stress i choose to watch people i like on-screen XD Unfortunately there’re no Avril’s movie. She should make one man XD

Never say never. That’s what i learned from Justin. Pursue your dream man. At least you have one better than those who have none. Life will be meaningless without a dream. It gives you motivation! Hah and i always day dreaming. It’s WHAT I AM. So day dreaming is not a bad thing after all. (woohoo)

Okay have a great time everyone! HOLS ROCK! Who’s with me?!

Gotta go band practice so ciao!


White is better than black

Here i come finally. Miss me? Awww just kidding XD

Okay white is better. After watching Black Swan HAHA. It represents pure, innocent, good, kind okay i stop. 😀

Watch Black Swan this afternoon. I wanted to watch it since i watch The Making Of Black Swan on tv. Seems interesting and mysterious. Mum bought the dvd finally woohoo!

Black Swan

How was it? It kinda torture my feelings when i watched it.

There were some scenes which made me go hide behind the chair. (i watched it at home so i can sat wherever i like lol. And i chose beside the chair. In case something scary pop out mah) So scary oh my mama. There was this scene where Nina went to the hospital to see the injured Beth. She felt sorry for stealing Beth’s things and there was a small knife there. Then suddenly Beth hold up the knife and stabbed her face again and again. OMG. I totally hide behind the chair and close my eyes. Urgh. So freaking crazy.

And. Nina’s got problem lol. Mental problem? Why she keep having illusination about herself? I don’t quite get this part. Someone can gimme answer?

The movie was exciting in a scary way. WHY? Okay i don’t know why i felt like that. But to those who have weak heart don’t watch. 😛 It was a 18++ movie anyways.


And i got episodes of season 2 Glee woohoo! Gonna watch them uh huh! I love Glee it’s freakin’ niceeeee!


Jingle all the way

Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock

Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring

Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun

Now the jingle hop has begun!

It doesn’t match with the title LOL. Nevermind.XD


I’m not a christian and don’t celebrate Christmas but i love Christmas. It’s peaceful and warming (to me).

I’m staying home on Christmas. I’m so regret i didn’t go to Times Square with my fellow band members. URGH. I wanna buy a bag man. And my reason why i didn’t go? I went there a lot and i can’t remember a bag that attracts me. THAT’S IT. Lame.

Okay. Stop all the whining.

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

I love Last Christmas! (is that a proper Christmas song? lol) Lots of singers sang it and i heart Taylor Swift‘s version the most.


Btw i just watched Barbie: A Christmas Carol this morning. Hmm. It’s quite okay for me.=) It’s about a selfish girl (who hates Christmas btw) who realises what Christmas is all about and she helps people in need in the end.

I wish i am a Canadian or an American. HAHA. Then i can have a Christmas tree in my house, have turkey for dinner (isn’t that Thanksgiving? I guess i still can eat turkey whenever i want AHAH!), play with snow during daytime etc. WISH WISH WISH. And they have high and noble nose. I WANT A HIGH AND NOBLE NOSE!



DON’T MISUNDERSTAND. I’m not scolding people here=D

Watched some movies this afternoon as i don’t want to do anything LOL.  And i learned this word ‘biatch’ when i watched this movie HAHA. (actually learned it the 1st time i watched itXD)

Wild ChildSeen before?


It came out at 2008. A little late to talk about it but whateverX) Emma Roberts looks gorgeous! WOOTS!

I rewatched it like 5 times over the years. I never got bored. SOO GOOD! 2 thumbs up! You have to watch this haha. Just saying.

Okay since we’re talking about the movie stuff, let’s do a list.

My favourite movie of all times:

1.Wild Child

It comes 1st=) Really love it!

2.High School Musical series


Zac Efron is SOOO HOTXD And their songs are good too.

3.The Last Song

The Last Song

Miley did a great job in this movie. I cried when it came to the touching moment.

4.Alice In Wonderland


At 1st, i’m interested in this movie because i know that Avril made a song about it. Then it turned out good too!=D

Here’s the link to Alice if you wanna hear it=)

5.Twillight Saga


Everyone seemed to like Twilight series. So i watched them too. And i love them. HAHA.

These are all i could remember. These movies leave a deep impression in my heart (or mind whateverXD).


We’re all beautiful


This is about a drama i LOVE the most. Probably the best i think. He’s Beautiful. (it’s actually You’re Beautiful okay?! I don’t know why it’s called He’s Beautiful LOL)

You're BeautifulI watched it 1 year ago. It was SOO GOOD! My mum even watched it with me. I watched it twice already. Plus this time (it’s aired on tv now hello?), count it 3 timesXD

It’s not too many episode and the story is fresh. Plus the actors and actresses in there are gorgeous and cute and handsome! 2 THUMBS-UP man!

At 1st, i think that Jeremy(Lee Hong Ki) is SOOO HANDSOME♥ But then his hairstyle got kinda weird =3=. But he’s cute anyways!=D


Shin Woo(Jung Yong Hwa) is a gentleman=)

yong hwaHANDSOME too!

Now. About Tae Kyung(Jang Geun Suk). His hairstyle i very behtahan lo. Luckily his hairstyle got better. HAHA. He looks kinda good la=D


His hair like a bird nest lehX) Fans DON’T BEAT ME okay!

By far the BEST korean drama i had ever seen!



Dogs are men’s best friend. I couldn’t agree more. (except those mad dogs which are unfriendly and like to bite people HAHA)

I saw a movie last night. It’s called Hachiko. My dad said whoever watches it will cry. So i watched it.

The result is, i cries like HELL. Okay maybe not HELL serious, but my tears keep on falling. I felt heartrending throughout the movie.

Here’s the trailer.=)

It’s actually based on a true story in Japan. So Hachi is the name of the dog. He met his owner at the train station and he decides to keep Hachi. Hachi is a special breed of dog and is very loyal. He accompanies his owner to the train station to go to work and waits for his owner to come back everyday. Then one day his owner dies. Hachi still go to the train station to wait for him for the next 9 years (9 years leh! SOOOO loyal man). As you could see, he inspires people there. Maybe you’ll think it’s no big deal, but i found it VERY touching. And btw Hachi is very cuteeee when he’s youngX) I want 1 too man! HAHA

Although this movie is not very popular, but it’s nice.=)


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