Thoughts of mine

Bzzzzzzz Bumblebee!

Transformers 3Watched this yesterday.

Man i love it. I don’t know why the reviews are bad. :S I guess different people have different opinions.

I always love Transformers from the beginning! 😀 The 1st one is sooo good! Heart it! I remembered i watched the 1st one twice hah.

Yeah Autobots, Decepticons. I like Bumblebee wee!


The movie is…long? Okay i don’t pay attention to the time cause i’m watching it SERIOUSLY. So nice mah. And after finishing it at the cinema at Metro Plaza (lao ya cinema pfft. Sigh cause it’s the only cinema near our house and it’s night already what you want go to Time Square at this time meh? So chose there loh. They don’t even turn on the aircond wth? And there’re REALLY. MANY. INDIANS. When we went into the cinema there was a smell. You know lah those indian smell == I don’t like indian smell :’D), when we got into the car i thought the time was only maybe 11 something and when i saw the clock i went OH MY BUDDHA IT’S 11.45 PM ALREADY OH MY PAPA! Uh huh THAT’S WHEN i found out the movie was long.

But. Worth it anyways.

There were 2 scenes that made me feel like crying. But i didn’t drop tears lah.

(i realise  that the advantages of going to cinema are: 1. You can cuddle up with your bf/gf. 2. If you cry silently I THINK no one will know cause it’s quite dark unless that people keep staring at you and don’t wanna watch the damn movie and waste his money. 3. You get a big big screen to look at and it’s so syok! 4. You get free super duper cold aircond in those high-end cinemas not like Metro Plaza pfft. 5. You can leave your rubbish at your own seat after finishing the movie (囧?!) okay just kidding.) Oh yeah!

1 of the scenes is before the Autobots being kicked off by humans to the space at the super big spaceship there. :S Why the humans so ungrateful one?! The Autobots help save their world TWICE loh! (chillax) And Bumblebee said bye to Sam that scene ooh kinda sad. 😦

And the other 1 is when the bad ones want to kill Bumblebee and Sam couldn’t do anything but watch and drop tears. So touch their friendship! I felt sour at my nose when watching this. No tears yet haha.

Duh i’m a pieces. So i’m emotional. 😀 (why am i proud?)

Again it’s a nice movie i like it! Yeah!

I wanna watch all the Harry Potters after PMR woohoo. Who got the tapes or dvd can lend me? 😀 Can? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD



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