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The song’s nice! Listened to it 1st time while watching 斗牛要不要 some years ago hah. The song has some sadness me thinks. I still remembered once my friend told me that she listened till tears dropped when listening to the instrumental one. Sadness.

And the drama quite nice! (okay back to topic)


HI! Not hi~ i mean HI! (LOL watched this from 恋爱通告 at Shaun’s house and it’s funny!)

Here i am backiee! Okay. Been busy with i-don’t-know-what-too so long time haven’t come up here. Too bad so sad.


I went for treatment last Sunday and IT. IS. OH. MY. EFFING. PAPA. PAIN. :’D

painNo wrinkles pfft. And i shut my mouth.

Oh yeah. I think i never felt THAT pain in my 14 and a half years life. Yay! :S But it’s for my own good so. And thanks dad for taking me. :’) 100++ leh you think what? Gotta appreaciate lah of course hehe.

And if you saw my status on fb then you will know i met a asshole. Stupid idiot crazy insane go-to-hell asshole. Urgh i won’t elaborate just wanna say I WISH YOUR HANDS WILL BE CHOP OFF. Let it be eaten by dogs or whatever. :@ GO DAI. Why do these people even exist? They make people’s life miserable and harmful. AHHHHHHHHH! Again, go to hell.

Went to Shaun’s house for his housewarming on Saturday. And i met my old friend there aww. A primary school friend! It’s been too long already. I think the last time i met her is 1 year ago like that? So freakin’ long time ago. 😦

I do miss her. We are best friends when primary school time. 🙂 And met her again ytd brought back some memories hah. We talked and it was good. Exchanged news from each other and girl’s stuff haha. I even told her a secret i didn’t tell others except 1. Just because is her. Wooh 🙂


Just wanna say that you mean something to me. Although enrolled in different schools and couldn’t see each other often, we are still good friends right? 😀 You are still so thin and you still wear watch. I remember. 🙂 We gotta hang out lah! Someday!

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-604" title="DSC04933" src="" alt="

Oh yeah i still have this photo from that karaoke day! This is us! ♥


Some updates lah about what happened these past days!



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  1. 有谁看到你第一句不是嗨啊?!
    是嗨~ 不是嗨(!)啦!


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