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I miss mah voice

Hey yo. /cough/ (imagine the sound made when you close your nose and talk cause hell yeah that’s how my voice sounds like now!)


coughYay this is me! lol. I cough till like my organs want come out already. URGH! I hope i won’t cough till got blood come out choi!

fake coughWhile finding photos i found this and i think it’s so fake loh. She doesn’t show the ‘hello i’m suffering from coughing like shit‘ look also. Bad model! XD And i wonder why people cough they will put their fist in front of their mouth. Mostly the photos are like that.

(i’m bored)

School reopened. (a week ago pfft) And i fell sick the 1st day. Woohoo. High fever till 40+ celsius man. Luckily my brain still worked normal that time didn’t boil till sot. 😀 The feeling of hotness in your body is not cool. == Hot in the inside but cold on the outside. Like you wanna don’t wear clothes but felt cold so have to turn off the fan but in the end don’t know why started to feel hot and your dad made you to go bathe but after bathe you still felt kinda hot lol. (okay i not didn’t want to wear clothes. It’s just an example)

I rarely fell sick. (i’m proud bwahaha) Just those sometimes, bacteria too missed me already?!

And now i have coughing. Pffft luckily my flu is getting better i think and sore throat too not so sore already. But if you hear me talk you will hear a voice with super strong nose sound. Sounds kinda weird loh my voice. Is it too much mucus in my nose then made my voice like this? == FLU LAH! I miss my voice seriously. /.\

sickI practically look like this omg haha. Except that i have long hair and i look nicer. XD Okay.

You feel like you wanna die when you sick. Do what also no energy some more dizziness kills! Woohoo! But someone will care for you when you really fall sick. Like your dad and mum! Your siblings won’t care. Trust me. -.- And people who loves you. 🙂 I hope when i’m sick again my love will care for me and take care of me hah XD

And i wanna say sorry to my bandmates. Really sorry. I didn’t want myself to sick too. 😦 Who hates me now? :’) Okay sorry again. Guess i fell sick at the wrong time.

xo (cough) xo♥


Comments on: "I miss mah voice" (2)

  1. CHERYL! said:

    Take care dear sai sai!

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