Thoughts of mine

Tiredness turns your mood bad. Like you don’t wanna talk to anybody.

Tiredness makes your body weak. Like you can float wooh. And you walk like you’re drunk.

Tiredness kills. Conclusion?


This is what i experienced after my Genting trip with band. I’m back! ( okay actually i’m backed at Sunday morning but what i did is sleep and sleep and sleep so only now i touch my blog 😀 ) If you saw my status you would know i sleep for a world record of 24 hours wow o wow i also shocked. I saved 3 meals?! HAHA.

We went there to perform. Marching at the outdoor man! It’s a new experience for all of us. The negative side? We got muscle pain woohoo. :’) Luckily the weather’s cold so we won’t sweat. Nice weather BUT MY LIPS SUFFERED. Walao i think it’s the cold weather made my lips dry and bleed. Wth so pain loh! Next time when wanna go to cold places needa bring lip care already.

UsPreparing for the performance!

UsLook from the back! Wait for it…

BandThis is us performing! ♥

UsA nearer look. In case you’re wondering, the front one is me 😀

ClownsThese are some clowns that walked in front of us when we marched. I felt kinda pity for them cause they have to put on their makeup for the whole day. Wooh bad for the skin.

Tall clownsMe thinks these tall tall clowns are creepy. Don’t know why. Like can 1 slap then people will die.

UsWhy became so colourful one?! Hah actually there’s still got green at the back too far lah.

We changed to the Genting clothes for the last performance on Sat night. The clothes are TOO BIG LAH.

PercussionI heart my section ♥ 😀 It’s our bond babe!

Besides performing we too have fun! I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 with wanyee. AT MIDNIGHT. 1.15am. Just the 2 of us hah. A new experience for us. We didn’t fall asleep man! XD The mermaids in the movie are so pretty! But they’re scary at the same time ==

After watching the movie damn sleepy. I slept at 4 am then woke up at 7 am to play the outdoors. I’m so geng :O The 1st ride? COCKSCREW. Wooh my eyes definitely went like this O.O Not sleepy at all already. The most fun ride me thinks.

And i played the space shot woohoo! At 1st i thought it was very creepy cause i fear height seriously. It went up and up and up and stopped. My senior said to me ‘Can you see a bird there? Neh there ah the black one.’ I searched for it loh and suddenly. WE WENT DOWN AND I SCREAMMMMMMMMMMED. And it wasn’t that scary! 😀 So syok to be on high places to see the beautiful scenery!

BUT BAD THINGS HAPPENED. Wth i lost dad’s-rare-used phone at the outdoor. I don’t know where and how i lost it. Like it just disappeared. :@ My dad didn’t scold mua after i told him. :’) Thank god!

But at the evening i felt like vomiting. pfft too extreme already. THE SPINNING CUP. Walao i guessed we spinned it too fast. Too high lah! Please don’t laugh me. :’) And so damn tired! Luckily i get better cause we gotta perform at night.

StarbucksChocolate cream chip ♥ I rarely drink starbucks so try it loh. Kinda nice.

StarbucksThis is hazelnut chocolate drink. I prefer the 1st one.

ps: of course i didn’t drink 2 drinks at the same time == 1 drink a night ♥

A nice trip full with memories! Hope that we can have trips like this again. 😀

Tomorrow i’m going to the culture camp at new era woohoo. Finally got the mood back. After back from Genting i felt moody. Have no idea why. Like i’m lifeless. 😦 Hope that the camp will turn out nice! Many friends are going too so i hope i can have a good time~



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