Thoughts of mine

Wooh here i am again after like 2 weeks? Sorry blog.

Geez it’s been a long month babe. A stressful month. :’) EXAM LAH. But i felt good (woohoo). I READ books this time wee. Don’t wanna think about the results now lah! IT’S HOLS BABE! 


(what’s with the shit?)

Places to go: Genting the 1st week and camp the 2nd week. AND BOTH ARE 4 DAYS 3 NIGHTS I’M GOING TO BE FREE /evil laugh/. My dad says so anyways. He’s the one who said i’m going to be sakai. LOL cause no parents watching me. HEHE.

I’m going to have a good time! Looking forward weh o wa o wa o~ (this is the kitkat song) (i feel like singing it) (got any problem?)

It’s going to be a busy hols and me likey! ♥

My hols plan:

1. Watch manga

Hello i’m a manga fan. 😀 Long time didn’t watch One PIece lah! Boohoo. And Fairytail too. 😦 I totally forgot i read till where man. Ohmyshit. Gonna refresh my memory. MANGA HERE I COMEEEEEEEEEEE!

2. Watch drama.

GLEE. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. HELLCATS. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Oh my i wanna watch all those. But don’t know have the time or not. :/ Since i’m at home 3 days a week only. Geez.

3. Watch movie.

Who wanna belanja me? 😀 HAHA feel like going to the cinema to watch! Quite some times didn’t go there cause mum says it’s wasting money. Boohoo. I miss the feel facing the big big screen. And the super cold temperature. And the popcorn. So. IF YOU FEEL LIKE WANNA BELANJA ME SAY IT XD I’M HONOUR XD

Never say never

I watched Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never. SO NICE. And he’s cute.

Watched it during exam days. I’M STRESSED HELLO. In order to relieve stress i choose to watch people i like on-screen XD Unfortunately there’re no Avril’s movie. She should make one man XD

Never say never. That’s what i learned from Justin. Pursue your dream man. At least you have one better than those who have none. Life will be meaningless without a dream. It gives you motivation! Hah and i always day dreaming. It’s WHAT I AM. So day dreaming is not a bad thing after all. (woohoo)

Okay have a great time everyone! HOLS ROCK! Who’s with me?!

Gotta go band practice so ciao!



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