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Skater girl

I rewatched all the mvs of Avril’s song in my mp4 yesterday. Suddenly felt like doing that. I love her more again. 😀 (so the craze keeps adding and adding woohoo)


SO COOOOOOL DUDE! ♥♥♥ She’s like punk and boyish. Love her attitude that time! The song’s rocksss too! I can watch this over and over again without getting bored. Seriously.

So. Let’s make a list of my favourite mvs.

Skater Boi‘s number 1 so no. 2 : COMPLICATED. AHHHHHH! ♥

Also a punky Avril. LOVE LOVE LOVE! And the song is a legend. (okay maybe not legend but it’s soooo famous! And ROCKIN’ NICE!)

No.3? GIRLFRIEND. Epic mannnn!

She’s sooo gorgeous! The song is like. Effing nice? A hit babe! Fun mv wooh!

Now ya’ll must be thinking WHY ALL AVRIL’S ONE? DUH. And WHY SO LESS ONE? There’s so many mvs. wahaha.
FYI. I don’t really watch mv unless it’s very special or famous or when people call me to watch. I just listen to the song. Hah.


okay random.

SkateboardShoutout: I wanna learn skateboarding! Totally cool! Uh huh! Like Avril. SHE SKATEBOARDS.

At 1st it’s kinda scary i think. Stand on 1 before. Wooh unbalanced. Like can fell off to the ground anytime. But saw people skateboarded before (on tv shows XD) and so admire. *o*

Why the thought? Well i watch Skater Boi and felt like learning it. HAHA. COOL. yeah.

Okay. Countdown 18 days to exam. WHATTHESHIT? Oh sobs whattodo.




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  1. me too me too! i wanna skateboard we go learn together!

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