Thoughts of mine

Christina who? Grimmie!


Exam’s around the corner. Like 3 weeks away? OHMYSHIT. Somebody saves me?

Gotta work hard mannnn. sigh. Stress ah!

Maths please be more easy. Science please let me remember. Bm please don’t too hard on vocab. That’s all i ask for. TEEHEE!

Sorry for not updating for a while. X) Busy busy busy! Wooh!

I got so many dramas i wanna watch, so many mangas i wanna watch. ONE PIECE! FAIRYTAIL! DRAMAS WHICH I DON’T KNOW BUT I WANNA WATCH! Urgh what to do? :’) After exam only watch loh.

Btw. Christina you rocks ♥

2nd post on her i think. These are her recent ones!

Perfect is a NICE song. Her singing is just so…good!

Okay i don’t really like the original one. BUT THIS IS SO NICE WOOHOO! 😀 ♥

I’M A FAN! She’s so damn good at singing and she’s gorgeous. Ohmy. Feel free to see her other videos! Super nice!

Okay not going to update in a while so don’t miss me! Hah!



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