Thoughts of mine


Okay phewww is the sound effect. Guess what it is?

Okay lah it’s the sound when something flies really fast. Like PHEWWW! *hair messy* Get it?




Get it right? What point? TIME FLIES OH NOM NOM AND IT’S APRIL ALREADY. I just realised that. :/

And i’m still lepak-ing. I know i’m bad. :’)

Actually it’s been a good year for mah! Mah like form 3 weehee. Lots of good things happened aww. Like band. We get along well i love u guys! 🙂 But exams. PMR. Ahahaha can i forget about it? Oh no no i can’t 😦


I’m back! 1st word: Projects suck. WHO’S WITH ME?! Uh huh!

Many like shit. Fml. 4 projects at the same time HUHHHH?! Luckily kh and sivik were done. *whew* Think about the geo project dapatan kajian and i can die. DIEEEEE. Who wanna kill me :’) Just see the notes which teacher gave ( i suddenly realised she’s quite nice cause she gave us all the notes ) and i will feel dizzy. Somemore need to write in essay form. WALAO EH. Can die loh. And cannot copy others. 😦 I think i cannot leave it till the day when need to pass up only do. If not really die. Cannot hug the buddha this time! Lulu i improvise already? 😀 Ahah this time only i think XD

Luckily we do till the half of them. Yay? Yay!


This amazing song touches me. :’) Just posting.

You’re the best Avril teehee! ♥ ya always X)


Speaking of TEEHEE, take a look at this:

HAHA THIS IS SOO FUNNY. I scrolled through it when fb-ing. I had a nice laugh HAHA. HAHA. And they scream like…shitty funny. XD

PUUU. Okay lots of talking in front. I like the back there where he talks to his dog and cat. You gotta see this. TEEHEE.

I think i’m going to see all of his videos. ( i’m crazy ) It makes me laugh duh. TEEHEE.


Okay nothing’s important. But feel like getting my ass up here. Gotta sleep people i hate black eye circle :@



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