Thoughts of mine


How about i just say goodbye and dissapear?

Down thinking lol.

AvrilAvril‘s new song. It’s written and produced by herself. *claps claps*

Got some sad feelings in it. Goodbye my love~ I don’t know the feeling cause i never try before 😛

I love Avril. YEAH UH HUH! Her new album Goodbye Lullaby is calm and touching. (except the highly high freakin’ rock What The Hell. And Smile. Which is also niceee!) Those songs can make me feel better when i’m sad and moody. Like now. Urgh.

Smile? 😀

Go on. Woohoo!

Her new songs were niceee! I totally love it! Although they’re all kinda acoustic, but it’s so good. Won’t feel bored. 😀

AvrilWish You Were Here is the song i ♥ the most.

It’s about missing somebody. There’re so many different circumstances in life where we all go through, where we do truly miss somebody. I miss you. 😀

( what i write is so nice XD )


Stop Standing There is a song where we girls can relate to. X)

Hah. Ever have those moments where he‘s just standing there? Not doing anything? Make a move babe. Yeah it’s what this song is about. Be brave girls! ( i can be a love counsellor? HAHA )

AvrilEverybody Hurts also makes me fall in ♥.

In life, things happen and if we fail, hold your head up high. Be strong, get through it. It’s gonna be okay and it’s okay to be afraid. Yeah. ( hou gam dong ah :’) )

p/s: Avril’s sooo pretteh! Hot ahh! 😀

Today’s April’s Fool. Nothing special happened actually. I think nobody actually enjoy April’s Fool. lol. Anyways, Happy April’s Fool? Who’s been pranked today? So unlucky aww. X)



Comments on: "Goodbye" (2)

  1. LOL! you sound like a counsellor hahaha!

    • i’m promoting her songs? lol?
      no lah it’s just some words i knew from the songs. nice ah! 😛 and i can say it to myself. 😛

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