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Here i come finally. Miss me? Awww just kidding XD

Okay white is better. After watching Black Swan HAHA. It represents pure, innocent, good, kind okay i stop. 😀

Watch Black Swan this afternoon. I wanted to watch it since i watch The Making Of Black Swan on tv. Seems interesting and mysterious. Mum bought the dvd finally woohoo!

Black Swan

How was it? It kinda torture my feelings when i watched it.

There were some scenes which made me go hide behind the chair. (i watched it at home so i can sat wherever i like lol. And i chose beside the chair. In case something scary pop out mah) So scary oh my mama. There was this scene where Nina went to the hospital to see the injured Beth. She felt sorry for stealing Beth’s things and there was a small knife there. Then suddenly Beth hold up the knife and stabbed her face again and again. OMG. I totally hide behind the chair and close my eyes. Urgh. So freaking crazy.

And. Nina’s got problem lol. Mental problem? Why she keep having illusination about herself? I don’t quite get this part. Someone can gimme answer?

The movie was exciting in a scary way. WHY? Okay i don’t know why i felt like that. But to those who have weak heart don’t watch. 😛 It was a 18++ movie anyways.


And i got episodes of season 2 Glee woohoo! Gonna watch them uh huh! I love Glee it’s freakin’ niceeeee!



Comments on: "White is better than black" (2)

  1. ur fen si! said:

    haha coz the whole movie is actually talking about how nina goes bananas! XD
    she HAS mental problem.:/

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