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Okay it’s not that serious and now is not quarter after 1. lol. But i still need you?


Well. I kinda always become moody recently. I have no idea why. Too many to-do list? Haven’t finish those suckish things which i have to do? Hmm. Yeah okay can relate a bit.

But it’s usually that feeling when you need someone to hug. Or let someone hug. (omg) (why) (seriously i don’t know) Or when you just need someone to sit by your side, knowing that everything’s going to be okay. Or when you need someone to hold your hand, just need that kind of warmth. (fyi i have sweaty hands. It’s 1 of the strange things about me. When i feel nervous my hands start to sweat. WHY DO I HAVE SWEATY HANDS?!?! I don’t want a pair of sweaty hands wth. It’s not good especially for piano learners like me. Duh)

What’s wrong with me? hah.

Sometimes i feel so down i don’t even want to do anything. Waste time huh. And i’ll just sit at there and daze off. Like i usually do lol. (i realised i’m kinda good at time-wasting. WHAT? O.O)

Hormones change make teenagers moody? Don’t know.

I want your accompany. Communicate with you can make me feel better. Maybe?


Have a good day everyone! Don’t be moody like me! Wee!

And exam sucks! Yeah! 2 more days till freedom! Keep on your hard work people! 2 more days to go!



Comments on: "It’s a quarter after 1, i’m all alone and i need you now" (8)

  1. i have sweaty hands too XD ~ cheer up lah … wan holidays le ~

  2. 寂寞种子 said:


  3. 寂寞种子 said:

    讲到我好像有病酱 O.O

  4. 寂寞种子 said:

    Fish oil o? O.O
    ok i try~

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