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Angel who? ME!

OKAYYYY. So long didn’t get my ass up here. Busy life what to do? =D

So. My birthday passed. AWWWWW! But my birthday lasted 3 days this year leh. HAHA. So touched man! dude! girls!

It’s on Tuesday. And my fellow (past) classmates celebrated for me in the canteen. At first they told me that someone’s practising in the canteen. (can’t tell u who’s that someone=P) And i was like, REALLY? O.O On my birthday eh? And they were like, Yeah! No lies! And i was like, WOW! WEE! YAY! WOOHOO! And we went to the canteen and i looked everywhere and no sign of the someone. Curious. Hmm. Then we walked to a table and i saw a chocolate cake. My eyes went O.O. And they started to sing birthday song. Okay they lied to me lol. But in a good way lah.=D (am i so easily cheated?) AWWWW. So touched!

The 3 of us ( me, the other 1 whose birthday same with me, the other other 1 whose birthday fell on the next day) celebrated together. Save money and cake mahXD So happy that time cause they did the celebration thing. Heart you guys wee!


Why lasts 3 days? Okay lah just saying=P

On thursday band members celebrated for me too AWW! So not expected lah wei. Very touched too! But a small incident happened lol. My face was burnt by the small fire on top of the candle. NEH ITU PEARLY LAH. Luckily didn’t cause blisters on my face. WHEW~ Lulu even played with the cake tsktsk. Nvm lah we played till so happy. (and oily and creamy)

Dear kind bimbim: THANKIUUUU FOR YOUR PRETTY BOTTLE! Really lah wee~=D

We rocked that day!XD But i’m still not rock enough lol. I gotta learn how to swing my hair HAHA.

There are people still wishing me happy birthday on Friday. Thanks a lot hah=D



Why am i angel? Actually i wanna be princess on my birthday but someone told me to be angel cause angel bigger. HAHAHA. And got power some more. So angel i amXD For 1 day only lah. Can wear the bright bright white white shiny shiny bling bling angel dress eh. And some more got a wand and a thing to wear on my head. (forgot what’s that opps) All bling bling 1 wee!

Really thanks to all who remember my birthday and who gave me presents and who celebrated for me. *tears*=D THANK YOU GUYS!♥



Comments on: "Angel who? ME!" (6)

  1. so rude lah u use ASS XD the thing on top of angel is call HALO ! no mention my bottle la =P

  2. hahaha youre welcome! 😀 btw, sorry on behalf of Pearly la hah!
    u go bang ur head on the wall then u can straightaway become angel already! XDD

    • okay next time her buffday she have to watch out HAHAHAXD kay lah just kidding wee~
      bang wall then bruises will come out lo. not pretty angel liao!

      • wah angel w/ bruises already consider as pretty already! 😀

        Okay okay next time her birthday = revenge! /evil laughs/ XD

      • yea meh. not pretty lah aiyo=D
        wahaha nevermind already i so kind just let it go~ huuu~ see how kind i am=D

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