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White is better than black

Here i come finally. Miss me? Awww just kidding XD

Okay white is better. After watching Black Swan HAHA. It represents pure, innocent, good, kind okay i stop. 😀

Watch Black Swan this afternoon. I wanted to watch it since i watch The Making Of Black Swan on tv. Seems interesting and mysterious. Mum bought the dvd finally woohoo!

Black Swan

How was it? It kinda torture my feelings when i watched it.

There were some scenes which made me go hide behind the chair. (i watched it at home so i can sat wherever i like lol. And i chose beside the chair. In case something scary pop out mah) So scary oh my mama. There was this scene where Nina went to the hospital to see the injured Beth. She felt sorry for stealing Beth’s things and there was a small knife there. Then suddenly Beth hold up the knife and stabbed her face again and again. OMG. I totally hide behind the chair and close my eyes. Urgh. So freaking crazy.

And. Nina’s got problem lol. Mental problem? Why she keep having illusination about herself? I don’t quite get this part. Someone can gimme answer?

The movie was exciting in a scary way. WHY? Okay i don’t know why i felt like that. But to those who have weak heart don’t watch. 😛 It was a 18++ movie anyways.


And i got episodes of season 2 Glee woohoo! Gonna watch them uh huh! I love Glee it’s freakin’ niceeeee!



The awesomest camp yeah babe!

I blog about it after so long. Oh nevermind lah.

Music camp rocks!! It really did!! No lies!! Yeah babe!! I so miss it after the camp awww. 😥 Miss the 3 awesome days, miss the music, miss the people there (although we all go to the same school haha 😀 But it’s not the same lah), miss the wetty telematch, miss the moment when everyone’s queuing for the oh-so-small-for-us bathroom, miss another moment where we all played outside our room before the ajks came to switch off the lights, miss the band practise time, miss the awesome talent night, and our awesome group: Very Red as in 十分红! Woohoo!!

Very RedWe are Very Red! Whoohoo!♥

Clockwise from left: Peiyee, Evon, Joanne, Jiajing, Yifan, Liping, Eehui, Nicole leong(okay she’s not our group one. 1 of the great facis 🙂 ), Zhiyang, Jianhsiung and the centre one is Boonyao.

TagsGroup tags♥

So. Yeah everyone there rocks babe!


AHAH. We did a morning routine in the mornings. AND. The boys who lead us were soooo cute with the dancing! HOU AHH! 2 thumbs-up! Although i’m still tired but they kinda made me more reviving. Fun to see them dance too X)

The telematch is fun! Water everywhere. But my head was hitten by a ball while we’re playing a game. And the people who threw it to me was MY TEAMMATE. Aduh. Okay he didn’t notice me standing in front of him only. lol. My size is so small?? I even taller than him i think. Omg. Nevermind lah but now my head’s dizzy. Is it the side effect? Or maybe i’m about to get sick? CHOI! I don’t want to get sick thank you. And. Dear boy: thanks for asking me whether i’m fine or not! You’re the only one who asked that 😀 But i like not answering him oh no. 😥 What to do i’m still dizzy that time it’s good that i can still walk. Anyways! Thankiuu wee!

And there came the treasure hunt. There’re sooo many rules and ‘monsters’ that made me go ‘HUH? HUH?’. But we all ran when we saw the ‘monsters’ anyways. Lotsa screaming then followed by running haha. It’s a tired night man. All the running whew~ But great memories!

Talent Night is a event where everyone has to perform. I played the drums yo! ;D

We performed Pretty Boy on talent night. We got the perfect song whoo! Our vocalists’ voice suit the song. Lucky lucky.

Our guitarist Peiyee is sooo cool. With the black colour fingernails and the totally rock electric guitar, she looks punk hah. WOOHOO! So damn cool! And our keyboardist is a pretteh wui weet. Add 1 more mark XD And our another guitarist is a nice looking guy. Our profile looks good? HAHA don’t beat me yo people i’m so kind 😀 Nice performance i think? We got the feel yeah!

This camp created a trend. Which is BABE! A cute and active girl started it. She just ended everything with babe! It’s so contagious that made us all follow the trend babe! Such a nice word! HAHA. Now this is a trademark of the campers babe! Woohoo!


Lastly, i just wanna scream out loud. I HEART MUSIC CAMP BABE! Who’s with me?! YEAH MAN!


Such a hectic but interesting and fun hols!  But it’s worth to be tired! Great experience man! And now school going to reopens. See ya’ll then!


It’s a quarter after 1, i’m all alone and i need you now

Okay it’s not that serious and now is not quarter after 1. lol. But i still need you?


Well. I kinda always become moody recently. I have no idea why. Too many to-do list? Haven’t finish those suckish things which i have to do? Hmm. Yeah okay can relate a bit.

But it’s usually that feeling when you need someone to hug. Or let someone hug. (omg) (why) (seriously i don’t know) Or when you just need someone to sit by your side, knowing that everything’s going to be okay. Or when you need someone to hold your hand, just need that kind of warmth. (fyi i have sweaty hands. It’s 1 of the strange things about me. When i feel nervous my hands start to sweat. WHY DO I HAVE SWEATY HANDS?!?! I don’t want a pair of sweaty hands wth. It’s not good especially for piano learners like me. Duh)

What’s wrong with me? hah.

Sometimes i feel so down i don’t even want to do anything. Waste time huh. And i’ll just sit at there and daze off. Like i usually do lol. (i realised i’m kinda good at time-wasting. WHAT? O.O)

Hormones change make teenagers moody? Don’t know.

I want your accompany. Communicate with you can make me feel better. Maybe?


Have a good day everyone! Don’t be moody like me! Wee!

And exam sucks! Yeah! 2 more days till freedom! Keep on your hard work people! 2 more days to go!


Angel who? ME!

OKAYYYY. So long didn’t get my ass up here. Busy life what to do? =D

So. My birthday passed. AWWWWW! But my birthday lasted 3 days this year leh. HAHA. So touched man! dude! girls!

It’s on Tuesday. And my fellow (past) classmates celebrated for me in the canteen. At first they told me that someone’s practising in the canteen. (can’t tell u who’s that someone=P) And i was like, REALLY? O.O On my birthday eh? And they were like, Yeah! No lies! And i was like, WOW! WEE! YAY! WOOHOO! And we went to the canteen and i looked everywhere and no sign of the someone. Curious. Hmm. Then we walked to a table and i saw a chocolate cake. My eyes went O.O. And they started to sing birthday song. Okay they lied to me lol. But in a good way lah.=D (am i so easily cheated?) AWWWW. So touched!

The 3 of us ( me, the other 1 whose birthday same with me, the other other 1 whose birthday fell on the next day) celebrated together. Save money and cake mahXD So happy that time cause they did the celebration thing. Heart you guys wee!


Why lasts 3 days? Okay lah just saying=P

On thursday band members celebrated for me too AWW! So not expected lah wei. Very touched too! But a small incident happened lol. My face was burnt by the small fire on top of the candle. NEH ITU PEARLY LAH. Luckily didn’t cause blisters on my face. WHEW~ Lulu even played with the cake tsktsk. Nvm lah we played till so happy. (and oily and creamy)

Dear kind bimbim: THANKIUUUU FOR YOUR PRETTY BOTTLE! Really lah wee~=D

We rocked that day!XD But i’m still not rock enough lol. I gotta learn how to swing my hair HAHA.

There are people still wishing me happy birthday on Friday. Thanks a lot hah=D



Why am i angel? Actually i wanna be princess on my birthday but someone told me to be angel cause angel bigger. HAHAHA. And got power some more. So angel i amXD For 1 day only lah. Can wear the bright bright white white shiny shiny bling bling angel dress eh. And some more got a wand and a thing to wear on my head. (forgot what’s that opps) All bling bling 1 wee!

Really thanks to all who remember my birthday and who gave me presents and who celebrated for me. *tears*=D THANK YOU GUYS!♥


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