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1 band 1 dream

It’s the wind band slogan. Like it!

Update :

Band. (oh not wind band)

The last 2 years, it was a dream to me. Seems like something soo far away. I envy those people standing on stage singing, playing guitar etc. SOO DAMN COOL. No lies.

And i wish i can stand on there too.

Now i’m closer to that dream.







I’m a part of a band now. WEEEEEEE!=D

HAPPY LIKE A COW. (although i have no idea cow can be happy or not cause it just eats grass and use its tail to chase away flies and help farmers. Yeah. Nothing to be happy about.)

And. I’m a vocalist. (don’t give me that O.O look i don’t like it cause you’re like don’t believe me or whatever. lol) I will not dissapoint. I hope.=P

I wanna learn guitar too. When i’m free. Cause it’s so cool. So good to sing along while playing 1. ELECTRIC GUITAR IS ALSO SUPER DUPER COOL. Like Orianthi. Guitar goddess.

And. Band jamming is a joy! Bimbim is in our band too. Special 1XD And the oldest 1. HAHA.

To bimbim: Dear bimbim don’t freak out okay smile and show me your white white teeth. If your teeth ain’t white go use darlie=D


1st time of jamming is quite okay. Except the keep speeding part. And the no microphone part. Yeah.

We can make it! Right? RIGHT? YEAH HELL RIGHT!

Don’t have a name yet. We’ll figure it out.  I don’t even have the slightest idea popping to my head.=D Dear brain please gimme some idea thank you very much.

And we have 4 band advisor. LOL LOL. Special mah.XD

I like my band.=D

I want us to get along well. No fights. No quarrels. COMMUNICATION IS VERY IMPORTANT. HEARD ME?=D Like 1 family. YAY~



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