Thoughts of mine

Today is a school day and i skipped it. (shh) The reason?

1. I don’t feel like going.

2. I haven’t done my schoolwork which is a lot. WUWUT_T

3. My personal reason. Don’t ask what it is.=P

But i’ll go tomorrow. IF my personal reason has solved. But i guess mum wouldn’t let me skipped again.

CNY hols is officially over. WHY WHY WHY?!?!

I didn’t go back to my hometown which is very obvious cause i hanged on Facebook everyday. WHAT TO DO cause nothing to do. I sat in front of the laptop everyday (but not 24 hours=D) and watched tv everyday. AND I REALISED I DIDN’T REVISE. HELL YEAH. I said i would revise right? Not keeping my promise again. SIGH. BUT BUT BUT. I guess i could do nothing in hols except relax and socialize(?) on Facebook. LOL.

Oh. Last Friday(040211) is a special day. Once a year day.(DUH!) It’s 立春. Know what is that? Dad said we can stand an egg on 立春.


We know that eggs cannot stand by themselves on the ground. They just roll. BUT. See this:

egg standing

NAH! This cute little egg is STANDING! (ps: not my work lol. I tried many times but still cannot stand 1 egg URGH.) My dad’s work!

eggs standingWork of dad too. I wonder how he managed to stand those eggs.

Sis My little sister trying to stand 1 egg. (the 3 eggs in front are not her work LOL) But she ended up getting fruastrated and gave up. Like me. HAH.

So, believe eggs do stand. LOL.

On Saturday, i went 拜年(don’t know the word LOL) with my band members. It was a REALLY HOT day. Luckily i brought umbrella cause dad told me to HAHA. 果然是不听老人言,吃亏在眼前!XD We all ate CONTINUOSLY that day OMG. Non-stop. We ate lunch at the 1st house, tip-bits at 2nd(luckily), chicken and french fries at 3rd, KFC(chicken again) at 4th, and dinner at 5th. MAJOR OMG. CNY mah.


doggieDoggie! I wanna hold it but it ran away from me. FINE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE NOT SO CUTE AFTER ALL HAHA.

me and broWe’re vandalizing!playgroundWe all are still young. AHAH!

fireworksWe played fireworks in sin hou’s house backyard. POOR GRASS OF HIS. Burned by those fireworks. I hope his mum won’t scold him LOL.

allSweet memories=D




I think i’m going to eat really less this week. Yeah.

That day ended not well SIGH. We went back late and my dad got mad and he scolded my remain band members (or advising? I don’t know). Ok lah it’s kinda like our fault cause we got back late (10 pm count as late?).

My hols rate: 3/5

How about your hols? Had a good 1 or sucks?



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