Thoughts of mine

Always be prepared!

2 posts in 1 day. WHO CARES? HAH!

I HAVE TO SAY IT. OKAY LAH I’M NOT THAT DESPERATE. But i just wanna share it hee=D

When: Saturday (29.1.11)

Where: Metro Kajang

Who: Me, yenyen, meiyan and huiwen

I met them after band activity and turns out they’re going to town to buy things. So i tagged along. We went to MCD, Cziplee, and lastly Metro Kajang. Meiyan wanna buy a magazine but couldn’t find it anywhere so we went inside Parkson. The toy department of Parkson. (something’s going to happenXD)

We found a lot of bear bears and other animals. And the photo shoot began. AHAHAH!

meiyanmeiyan with the panda head. Pity meiyan cause she got serious panda eyes. I ALSO GOT WUWUT_T

me!Me with the OH-SO-CUTE bear!=D

yenyenSO SUIT HER!XD She’s a comedian man. And SOO CUTE! (i mean the bear don’t get it wrong HAH!)

huiwenhuiwen with the flower thingy. Symbolise Crazy Flower!

meiyanmeiyan is sooo cute!=D

me!That banana thingy is SOO FUNNY! yenyen gave it to me and i posed with it LOL.

ps: I do the go mi nam nose CAN YOU SEE? HAHA

meiyan and yenyenThe dog’s eyes looks like meiyan! LOL HAHAXD

me and yenyenWAHAHA! I looked like a pervert in this photo. yenyen looked more cham then me so i’m ok HAH!XD Guess who came out with this idea?

Ans: me=)

AND THEN we found a baby doll. SEE WHAT WE DID WITH IT=D

Here’s the link if you’re interested.

I LAUGH LIKE HELL when we’re recording it. Yenyen is sooo wonderful in making people laugh (and making her image blew away HAH!). She can be a comedian man. PRASING YOU LEH YENYEN=D

After we done having fun, huiwen went to change clothes and she phoned meiyan that EVERYBODY in the department is watching us and trying to figure out how to get us out. OMG OMG OMG. MAJOR SHAME SHAME! URGH.

But nvm. We don’t know those people in there and they don’t know us. HAH!

You have  to be prepared for anything when you’re with them. HAHA. They’re all 38 girls. (neninenibubu=P)

But it’s good to have friends like them=D (don’t fly up high ok!)



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