Thoughts of mine

Firstly, thanks for existing in this world. You make the world a more beautiful place to live. THANK YOU!=D

Wondering who is that?



They’re my starcrush. AHAHAHA!XD

They look so handsome so they make the world more beautiful. DUH.XD


1. Zac Efron

ZacSO HANDSOME!*v* I fall over him when i started watching High School Musical. He sings very well too!

ZacAND HE HAS A HOT BOD WOOTS! (my nose starts to bleed someone get me some tissuesXD)


WilliamThis is William Mosely. SO OBVIOUS that Zac is more handsome!

To dear lulu: neninenibubu~XP

2. Justin Bieber

JustinAHHH. SO HANDSOME TOO! And ADORABLE. And a good singer. OOHLALA!

3. Chace Crawford

ChaceHe’s handsome too! OOH~ Btw he too has a GREAT BOD. He acts in Gossip Girl. 1 of my favourite drama!=D

ps: don’t think that i’m pervert or whatXD

4. Ian Somerhalder

IanI get to know him in Vampire Diaries. His bad boy look suits him hah. He’s 1 of the top 50 (or 100? I forgot lah) sexiest man on the planet lehXD

Sooo good to see you guysXD You make my life a better one.




Comments on: "You make my eyes feel better" (7)

  1. what la. WM handsome than ZE leh. neninenibubu 😛
    Chace Crawford and Ian Somerhalder look alike. XD Your type!

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