Thoughts of mine


As i’m going to give you lucky people (HAH! Just kidding) a chance to know more about me. STRANGE/LOL things about me. Or habits whatever you like to call it.

DENG DENG DENG! (drum roll please)

1. I hate people touch my hair.

Except hairdresser. SERIOUSLY. DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR OR I’LL KILL YOU. I even feel annoyed when my mum touch my hair. lol.

2. I will be in a daze EASILY. EASILY.

Even when i’m focusing. WHAT? Yeah that’s me.

3. I like picturing people as animals.

I can’t help it. When i observe their faces, my brain starts to pop out an animal image for them.

4. I comb my hair NICELY before i go to bed.

I have NO IDEA why i do that EVERYDAY. I guess it becomes my habit HAHA. And the next day when i wake up my hair won’t get messy. HAH!

5. I can’t live without tv.

Same with the internet but not so serious compared to tv. I LOVE TV SHOWS=D I can practically watch everything on the tv when i’m bored. TV ROCKS! And the people who invented tv! (i so don’t know who is thatXD)

6. I’m slow but sensitive at the same time

How does THAT supposed to happen?! NO IDEA. I don’t really get what people say. Always. I would go: huh? huh? Say it again. But i’m sensitive in the inside (HAHA). I know what people feel or wanna do next. STRANGEO.O Get it? If you do not then you’re slow HAH!

These are all i could think about. If there’s more i’ll add them. And i don’t feel VERY PROUD about them but what could i do? *blink blink*

After you read this don’t use those weird vision to judge me. If not… 我不要跟你好了!

AHAHAHAHAXD I often say that sentence too.



Comments on: "Weirdo (please don’t think it that way)" (3)

  1. i can imagine you saying the last line. XD

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