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Miss me? HAHA.

And Fifteen is a NICE song. Love it!=D

Thanks to my brother, my dad almost cut off the internet cable. THANKS MAN. IF YOU EVER TOO ADDICTED TO THE WEB AGAIN YOU’RE GOING TO DIE. (okay i’m not going to kill him lah just saying)

I’m unofficially 15 now. (my birthday hasn’t arrive duh) The 1st week of school passed. (yeah time’s not going to stop) I LIKE IT. LIKEY LIKEY LIKEY!=D The morning air is very fresh. (except when the air is polluted LOL) Although i felt sleepy in class but i’m not HELL TIRED.

Remember how i say i’m very sad (VERY SAD) because i’m in B class? Well. I don’t feel that way anymore=) Okay my friends are in A class and i don’t know many B class people but whatever. Friends can be made. And i actually LISTEN to what the teacher is saying. HAH! Probably because no one speaks to me and everybody else is listening too. Like Science period. I usually chit-chat with Crazy Flower and cheryl and yuenkhei but this year they’re not there. SIGH. So i listen.

OH GOD I MISS 2A. I used to chat with my friends during UNIMPORTANT classes and never listen to what the teacher’s saying. And now i listen to almost every subject. WOW.

I felt kinda good. And i mean the listening to teacher part. LOL. What have i become? HAHA.

The teachers are kinda good i think. No comments as i don’t care. HAH! But there’s 1 teacher who is very dedicated (?). I’m praising you leh teacher! She’s my KH teacher. She actually make you listen because she’s gonna throw questions at you at the end of the period and if you cannot answer you can’t go home. WTH. So i listen. Last year i was busy chatting with yenyen and meiyan and cheryl during KH classes. OH i miss the old times.

January is a busy month for me. The band i’m in has lots of activities.

And i won’t blog frequently. There’s studies, piano, tv (so LOL) etc. I’M BUSY PEOPLE. Just saying;D



Comments on: "Fifteen" (2)

  1. multitask lah! XD like me lol. anyways, GOOD LUCK in everything.

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