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What The Hell

It’s not really good to say WHAT THE HELL on new year. LOL. It’s a song lah okay. And it’s Avril‘s. MY ULTIMATE IDOL!=D

It’s out on new year. And me likey!

So. I spent my new year eve and new year at a senior’s house. I had SOOO MUCH fun! I didn’t sleep for the whole night (or midnight if you prefer lol) We stayed up talking, playing, spamming each other’s wall on Facebook (we were so highXD), drunk-ing (as sin hao refered. I wasn’t drunk okay! But they didn’t believe. I just drank 1 tin of Carlsberg leh), crazying, beating each other, karaoking, oOo-ing (it’s actually a written form of the middle finger IN CASE YOU INNOCENT PEEPS DON’T KNOW. But we didn’t SHOW our middle finger to each other lah that’s RUDE man. We just READ it. And i mean READ OUT LOUD read. The pronunciation of the word is soo funny. 1 of my junior kinda invented it HAHA), psp-ing, junk food-ing (SIGH i never eat food in the midnight. AND NOW I’M FATTER. URGH). We were CRAZY that night HAHA.

I decided to sleep at 8 am because everyone was sleeping EXCEPT ME. And i woke up at 8.45 am. AND i didn’t feel OH-I’M-SO-TIRED-WANNA-DIE tired. STRANGE. The other people were so sleepy. I wondered what the hell is wrong with me? I guess i’m just healthyXD

I finally felt tired in the afternoon. So we went home. By bus. AND i hate buses that have MANY PEOPLE. HATE HATE HATE. (almost every bus is kinda full of people LOL) Especially when i don’t have a seat when i have heavy things to carry. GIMME YOUR SEAT PEOPLE! (i guess that’s not gonna happen cos’ i’m not old or disabled) Just saying.

It’s 2011 people! Time flies man. I’m not VERY looking forward to 2011. But time won’t wait for me. So i have to move on and live my life to the fullest (?) this year.

My new year resolution:

1. Study hard – I have to cos’ i don’t wanna let my parents down and it’s a student’s duty. SEE WHO’S TALKING LOL. If i done well in my exam and PMR, i’ll get a phone and everyone’s happy=D FIGHTING!

2. Practise hard my piano – It’s THE grade 8 practical test. Hard work has to be put in man. If not, i think i’ll fail the test.

3. Sleep early, rise early – It’s good for health and i need to adapt my body clock. No more late night sleep (except there’s a tv programme i wanna watch HAHA)

4. Make more friends – I don’t really like to know people. I prefer they take the 1st step (bad bad me). But i’ll try to smile more (people say i’m cool. I am?). I won’t push it too hard. Just let fate decides (?).

I don’t think i have any more time for other things. SERIOUSLY. SIGH. Study will take away lots of time. If i have spare time, i’ll:

1. Read my novels – Have some novels which i failed to read in 2010’s hols. I surfed the net almost everyday during hols. HAHA.

2. Practise my guitar – If i don’t, i’ll forgot almost everything i had learnt.

3. Watch all the movies – In my computer. Which i also failed to do so during hols. I guess i spent too much time in front of the laptop.

Happy new year people!=D And WHAT THE HELL! AHAH!



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