Thoughts of mine


NONONO I’m not going to burn myself because i’m not so dumb ok. Thanks for your concern=D (siao) It’s just a sentence that Natsu will say when he’s angry/ready to fight.

I HEART FAIRY TAIL. There. I said it. I can’t hold it anymore HAHA.

The only manga i love is Fairy Tail and One Piece. WHO’S WITH ME? (come on don’t be shyXD)

They’re AH-MAZING! They’re actually a fighting type of manga. (and those partner thing lah you know? Oh and justice too) Fairy Tail is about magic. One Piece is about pirates. In case you don’t know. Both of them have some similarities to each other. For instance:

Natsu in Fairy Tail is the great one. Luffy in One Piece is also the great one (in fighting skill and their behaviour).

Happy is the pet cat which can fly. Chopper is a reindeer which has superpower (classified as pet lah HAHA). (both manga have a pet)


Fairy TailFairy Tail main cast=D

One PieceOne Piece main cast=D

ps: sorry for the oh-so-small pictureXD

The difference: number of crew. HAHA.

I think LOTS of people watch them. DUH.

I also like Detective Conan. It’s ah-mazing how many cases of murderer the author can think of. BRAVO! I wonder where he got those ideas. Girl’s comics are my favourites too. I’m a girl duh.

What’s your favourite manga?



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