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Decided to make a Christmas list although i don’t celebrate it LOL. This post is inspired by ruolingX)

It’s just for fun and my own comfort anyways!

What do i want?

1. To get into A class

It seems impossible. But whatever. It’s MY LIST not yours hah!

2. First Step 2 Forever

It’s a book. Justin Bieber wrote it! I WANT I WANT I WANT! In case you don’t know how it looks like.

1st step 2 forever

3. A iPhone

My dream phone man. I think it’s everyone’s dream phone too=D

4. A COOL bag

For school purposes. WHERE CAN I FIND 1 URGH.

5. A pink laptop

Why pink? I LIKE PINK DUH. Sooo cool to have my own laptop. Then i don’t need to act in accordance with the will of others HAHA.

6. An electric guitar

Although i don’t know how to play 1, but owning 1 is SOOO COOL! If  i have 1 i’ll learn it for sure.

7. A flawless face

HAHA. I really NEED a pimpleless face! So, pimples pimples go away, smooth face smooth face come to me!XD

8. Perfect hair

Yeah. My hair is kinda bad at the end SIGH. I want to cut it but i want to keep it long at the same time. GOD. Maybe i’ll wait patiently for it to become long then cut the BAD end.

9. A happy family

AWWWW i’m so nice HAHAXD Family comes 1st right? (and now it’s in number 9 HAHA)

I guess i’m done. Can’t think of anything else.

Santa you gotta read this! I’m waiting for you Santa. (siao already)



Comments on: "All i want for Christmas are these" (4)

  1. Go get yourself la hah! XD Maybe i can help you to get your cool bag, but not in time. lol. How cool you want?

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