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DON’T MISUNDERSTAND. I’m not scolding people here=D

Watched some movies this afternoon as i don’t want to do anything LOL.  And i learned this word ‘biatch’ when i watched this movie HAHA. (actually learned it the 1st time i watched itXD)

Wild ChildSeen before?


It came out at 2008. A little late to talk about it but whateverX) Emma Roberts looks gorgeous! WOOTS!

I rewatched it like 5 times over the years. I never got bored. SOO GOOD! 2 thumbs up! You have to watch this haha. Just saying.

Okay since we’re talking about the movie stuff, let’s do a list.

My favourite movie of all times:

1.Wild Child

It comes 1st=) Really love it!

2.High School Musical series


Zac Efron is SOOO HOTXD And their songs are good too.

3.The Last Song

The Last Song

Miley did a great job in this movie. I cried when it came to the touching moment.

4.Alice In Wonderland


At 1st, i’m interested in this movie because i know that Avril made a song about it. Then it turned out good too!=D

Here’s the link to Alice if you wanna hear it=)

5.Twillight Saga


Everyone seemed to like Twilight series. So i watched them too. And i love them. HAHA.

These are all i could remember. These movies leave a deep impression in my heart (or mind whateverXD).



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