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It’s my favourite magazine. (it’s the magazine i only buy for precise lol)

Actually, i don’t buy magazine. It wastes my money and i’ll read it once then say byebye to it and put it at nowhere LOL.

But I buy Galaxie. WHY? I guess it’s because i like the coversXD Okay lah, the content is good too. I don’t know what other magazines provide for their readers, but i do know Galaxie is an entertainment magazine. I like the posters, the pictures etc in it. I always cut all the pictures and take out all the posters i like after reading it. So it looks like trash after all those cuttingXD


SEE you can’t even see their covers HAHA.

ps: Miley’s face is half-cut LOL. Work done by my brother. I want the cover but he just cut it. DAMN!

I only buy it when the cover is attracting me lol. Or when it has posters that i want. But anyways, the content is good ok.

I pasted some of the posters on my bedroom’s wall.Here’s a peak:



I’m a fan of these people=D

Btw the brown thing is my bed.

If you wanna take a look at Galaxie, go get 1. If i lend you you’re so not going to see what’s inside HAHA. (it’s cut. Get it?)



Comments on: "Galaxie" (2)

  1. I buy this too , but it was long time ago .
    Now im more with Seventeen 😀

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