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Dogs are men’s best friend. I couldn’t agree more. (except those mad dogs which are unfriendly and like to bite people HAHA)

I saw a movie last night. It’s called Hachiko. My dad said whoever watches it will cry. So i watched it.

The result is, i cries like HELL. Okay maybe not HELL serious, but my tears keep on falling. I felt heartrending throughout the movie.

Here’s the trailer.=)

It’s actually based on a true story in Japan. So Hachi is the name of the dog. He met his owner at the train station and he decides to keep Hachi. Hachi is a special breed of dog and is very loyal. He accompanies his owner to the train station to go to work and waits for his owner to come back everyday. Then one day his owner dies. Hachi still go to the train station to wait for him for the next 9 years (9 years leh! SOOOO loyal man). As you could see, he inspires people there. Maybe you’ll think it’s no big deal, but i found it VERY touching. And btw Hachi is very cuteeee when he’s youngX) I want 1 too man! HAHA

Although this movie is not very popular, but it’s nice.=)



Comments on: "Loyalty" (2)

  1. What?! Not very popular? Popular lo. 😀 btw, i am so gonna watch it.

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