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Don’t Stop Believin’

EVERTYTIME i listen to that song, i get goosebumps. I wonder what that means? Hmm..

Okay, it’s Glee‘s (you know what is Glee? If you people don’t, then you are soooo OUT HAHA just kidding no offence) main song ( i guess so lol). It’s good.=D

GleeThey’re doing the LOSER poseXD

I finished watching season 1 Glee. Glee is.. THE BEST. AMAZING. FUNNY. I don’t know what description to use already.=P It really is. I highly recommend Glee. You’ll regret if you don’t watch it HAHA.

Basically, Glee revolves around subject like music (of course la LOL), bullying, (fake)pregnancy, gay problem and blablabla. Rachel Berry is the main actress and she has a POWERFUL voice man. If she don’t act too pushy i think she’ll be just fine HAHA. Will Schuester is kinda handsomeXD I hate Sue Sylvester man. She’s.. ANNOYING! (in the drama la) Finn Hudson is kinda cute tooXD

SueThis is the cheerleader coach Sue. See! She looks annoying.XP

I love these songs they did in Glee. Sooo NICE!


I can’t find the original 1 in the drama. So just the song only.

ps: i have no idea why there’s “GleeLoverPizza” in it.


True Colours Another song by Glee. It’s GOOD too. Its video is banned from my blog WTF.

Take A Bow ALSO no video available for my blog=/ I like this too.

These songs made an impression in my heart. They’re so GOOD!

I’m looking forward to Glee season 2♥



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