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NONONO I’m not going to burn myself because i’m not so dumb ok. Thanks for your concern=D (siao) It’s just a sentence that Natsu will say when he’s angry/ready to fight.

I HEART FAIRY TAIL. There. I said it. I can’t hold it anymore HAHA.

The only manga i love is Fairy Tail and One Piece. WHO’S WITH ME? (come on don’t be shyXD)

They’re AH-MAZING! They’re actually a fighting type of manga. (and those partner thing lah you know? Oh and justice too) Fairy Tail is about magic. One Piece is about pirates. In case you don’t know. Both of them have some similarities to each other. For instance:

Natsu in Fairy Tail is the great one. Luffy in One Piece is also the great one (in fighting skill and their behaviour).

Happy is the pet cat which can fly. Chopper is a reindeer which has superpower (classified as pet lah HAHA). (both manga have a pet)


Fairy TailFairy Tail main cast=D

One PieceOne Piece main cast=D

ps: sorry for the oh-so-small pictureXD

The difference: number of crew. HAHA.

I think LOTS of people watch them. DUH.

I also like Detective Conan. It’s ah-mazing how many cases of murderer the author can think of. BRAVO! I wonder where he got those ideas. Girl’s comics are my favourites too. I’m a girl duh.

What’s your favourite manga?



Jingle all the way

Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock

Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring

Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun

Now the jingle hop has begun!

It doesn’t match with the title LOL. Nevermind.XD


I’m not a christian and don’t celebrate Christmas but i love Christmas. It’s peaceful and warming (to me).

I’m staying home on Christmas. I’m so regret i didn’t go to Times Square with my fellow band members. URGH. I wanna buy a bag man. And my reason why i didn’t go? I went there a lot and i can’t remember a bag that attracts me. THAT’S IT. Lame.

Okay. Stop all the whining.

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

I love Last Christmas! (is that a proper Christmas song? lol) Lots of singers sang it and i heart Taylor Swift‘s version the most.


Btw i just watched Barbie: A Christmas Carol this morning. Hmm. It’s quite okay for me.=) It’s about a selfish girl (who hates Christmas btw) who realises what Christmas is all about and she helps people in need in the end.

I wish i am a Canadian or an American. HAHA. Then i can have a Christmas tree in my house, have turkey for dinner (isn’t that Thanksgiving? I guess i still can eat turkey whenever i want AHAH!), play with snow during daytime etc. WISH WISH WISH. And they have high and noble nose. I WANT A HIGH AND NOBLE NOSE!


All i want for Christmas are these

Decided to make a Christmas list although i don’t celebrate it LOL. This post is inspired by ruolingX)

It’s just for fun and my own comfort anyways!

What do i want?

1. To get into A class

It seems impossible. But whatever. It’s MY LIST not yours hah!

2. First Step 2 Forever

It’s a book. Justin Bieber wrote it! I WANT I WANT I WANT! In case you don’t know how it looks like.

1st step 2 forever

3. A iPhone

My dream phone man. I think it’s everyone’s dream phone too=D

4. A COOL bag

For school purposes. WHERE CAN I FIND 1 URGH.

5. A pink laptop

Why pink? I LIKE PINK DUH. Sooo cool to have my own laptop. Then i don’t need to act in accordance with the will of others HAHA.

6. An electric guitar

Although i don’t know how to play 1, but owning 1 is SOOO COOL! If  i have 1 i’ll learn it for sure.

7. A flawless face

HAHA. I really NEED a pimpleless face! So, pimples pimples go away, smooth face smooth face come to me!XD

8. Perfect hair

Yeah. My hair is kinda bad at the end SIGH. I want to cut it but i want to keep it long at the same time. GOD. Maybe i’ll wait patiently for it to become long then cut the BAD end.

9. A happy family

AWWWW i’m so nice HAHAXD Family comes 1st right? (and now it’s in number 9 HAHA)

I guess i’m done. Can’t think of anything else.

Santa you gotta read this! I’m waiting for you Santa. (siao already)



DON’T MISUNDERSTAND. I’m not scolding people here=D

Watched some movies this afternoon as i don’t want to do anything LOL.  And i learned this word ‘biatch’ when i watched this movie HAHA. (actually learned it the 1st time i watched itXD)

Wild ChildSeen before?


It came out at 2008. A little late to talk about it but whateverX) Emma Roberts looks gorgeous! WOOTS!

I rewatched it like 5 times over the years. I never got bored. SOO GOOD! 2 thumbs up! You have to watch this haha. Just saying.

Okay since we’re talking about the movie stuff, let’s do a list.

My favourite movie of all times:

1.Wild Child

It comes 1st=) Really love it!

2.High School Musical series


Zac Efron is SOOO HOTXD And their songs are good too.

3.The Last Song

The Last Song

Miley did a great job in this movie. I cried when it came to the touching moment.

4.Alice In Wonderland


At 1st, i’m interested in this movie because i know that Avril made a song about it. Then it turned out good too!=D

Here’s the link to Alice if you wanna hear it=)

5.Twillight Saga


Everyone seemed to like Twilight series. So i watched them too. And i love them. HAHA.

These are all i could remember. These movies leave a deep impression in my heart (or mind whateverXD).


We’re all beautiful


This is about a drama i LOVE the most. Probably the best i think. He’s Beautiful. (it’s actually You’re Beautiful okay?! I don’t know why it’s called He’s Beautiful LOL)

You're BeautifulI watched it 1 year ago. It was SOO GOOD! My mum even watched it with me. I watched it twice already. Plus this time (it’s aired on tv now hello?), count it 3 timesXD

It’s not too many episode and the story is fresh. Plus the actors and actresses in there are gorgeous and cute and handsome! 2 THUMBS-UP man!

At 1st, i think that Jeremy(Lee Hong Ki) is SOOO HANDSOME♥ But then his hairstyle got kinda weird =3=. But he’s cute anyways!=D


Shin Woo(Jung Yong Hwa) is a gentleman=)

yong hwaHANDSOME too!

Now. About Tae Kyung(Jang Geun Suk). His hairstyle i very behtahan lo. Luckily his hairstyle got better. HAHA. He looks kinda good la=D


His hair like a bird nest lehX) Fans DON’T BEAT ME okay!

By far the BEST korean drama i had ever seen!



This is going to be a long long post haha.

Okay. Went to Universal Studios Singapore on 13122010. We played in the theme park for 2 days. (dad worried 1 day is not enough) It was fun!=D I will just talk about things that i like and.. read and you’ll know. I had no time to blog until now.

The 1st day i got there, i felt fidgeted. WHY? My shoelaces keep on loosing and i didn’t have my pin so my hair keep on falling and i had to carry a quite heavy bag on my shoulder. THAT’S WHY. But i managed to throw away that feeling and tried to have fun. It worked=D

Let photos tell storiesXD

Christmas treeMy dad said it’s the tallest Christmas tree in there.

Lightning and flashIt’s a thunderstorm show. My sister even cried after watching it LOL. Maybe it’s too real and scary for her.

Hard Rock hotelWe lived in here. It’s a 5 star 1. Quite classy and rock (of course lah it’s call HARD ROCK okay HAHA)

PoolView of pool from the room. Beautiful right?

Sherk 4DMy bro isn’t looking at the camera lol. Let me tell you, Shrek 4D is ah-mazing. It’s so real. You can even felt water splashing at your face when Donkey sneezed. I watched it twice man.

Donkey liveIt’s a night pub show. Donkey appeared in animation. He singed and danced and joked. Nice 1.

Funny faceMy sister did a funny face for me when we were in the SMALL ferris wheel. (it’s REALLY SMALL)

Funny face no.2Another pose HAHAX)

Mummy worldIt’s the entrance for the roller coaster ride. (i forgot the name paiseh) I think it’s the 2nd exciting ride in the theme park.

GalacticaI was sooo upset when i was told this ride is not available. It’s the MOST EXCITING ride ok?! URGH. Unlucky me. HAIZ.

RuYiOn the 1st day we had our dinner here.

Sour Spicy meeThis is quite nice=)

Btw I realised the food there is sooo LITTLE. 1 more example:

LaksaSEE?! It’s not even HALF URGH. Btw, this is what i had for breakfast the 3rd day. Laksa.

BreakfastThis is breakfast on 2nd day. I ate buffet actually. I had 3 plates. I forgot to shoot the 1st plate as i’m too hungry and the 3rd plate is just.. not pretty HAHA.

Move on to the subject.

This is the Waterworld show. It’s fantastic=D

SoldierBefore the show starts, there were these men shooting water at the audience. I was being shoot too. I like this show=)

boatThis is a boat ride. We sit in there and took a view of the dinosaur world.

45 degreeMaybe you see nothing. It’s darky. But it’s part of the boat ride. I got SOAKED when the boat came down from there as it’s slant 45 degree! DAMN.

CertificateI did went for the rock climb. NAH! This is the proof haha.

Monster RockI LOVEEE this show! It’s a musical show. These people dressed into Dracula, werewolf, phantom, mummy etc and sing+dance for us. 2 thumbs-up!=D I also watched it twice LOL.

Merry go roundAs requested by Cheryl=D Notice the animal down there? SOOOO CUTE lah! His eyes are BIG man.

ShirtBought this before we said byebye to universal studio!

CandyliciousEEEEEEEEE! CANDY time! It smelled sooo nice in there HAHA.

Ice cream YUMMY! =D

Wan tan meeWe ate wan tan mee in johor. DELICIOUS!

Finally done! Sure is a LONG post HAHA.





It’s my favourite magazine. (it’s the magazine i only buy for precise lol)

Actually, i don’t buy magazine. It wastes my money and i’ll read it once then say byebye to it and put it at nowhere LOL.

But I buy Galaxie. WHY? I guess it’s because i like the coversXD Okay lah, the content is good too. I don’t know what other magazines provide for their readers, but i do know Galaxie is an entertainment magazine. I like the posters, the pictures etc in it. I always cut all the pictures and take out all the posters i like after reading it. So it looks like trash after all those cuttingXD


SEE you can’t even see their covers HAHA.

ps: Miley’s face is half-cut LOL. Work done by my brother. I want the cover but he just cut it. DAMN!

I only buy it when the cover is attracting me lol. Or when it has posters that i want. But anyways, the content is good ok.

I pasted some of the posters on my bedroom’s wall.Here’s a peak:



I’m a fan of these people=D

Btw the brown thing is my bed.

If you wanna take a look at Galaxie, go get 1. If i lend you you’re so not going to see what’s inside HAHA. (it’s cut. Get it?)


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