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What does that mean?

I did a little research and i found out it’s a type of game. As i’m not interested in online games, so i didn’t really know what kind of game it is. But that’s not the point.

Recently, i browsed through a music video called Just A Dream. It’s Nelly‘s song. But i listened to a different version. It’s sang by Christina Grimmie and Sam Tsui. It’s GOOD. REAL GOOD. No lies.

Then i kinda like Christina and i found out she’s a YouTube singer. She uploaded videos of her singing in them. She has a GOOD voice man. She’s like an emo girl (her appearance lah) and she looks pretty. She’s funny too.=D She doesn’t have an album yet though. But i think she will have 1. I’m looking forward to it!=D

Christina GrimmieShe looks like this♥

Chriatina Grimmie♥♥

1 of her videos. GOOD leh?=D

Now. About the title. I think she’s a gamer. She plays zelda. And her YouTube channel’s name is called zeldaxlove64. So that’s how the title comes from lol.

This is another example of YouTube singer becomes famous. She’s only 16 leh. Justin Bieber also posted videos on YouTube and BAM! He became famous. So good. Lucky lucky lucky.

I envy them HAHA.

This is her channel. Btw you guys should watch her other videos too.



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