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Never Say Never

Just listened to Pray

No doubt, it’s justin bieber‘s new song.

I LOVE it the moment i hear it. It makes me feel hopeful again. Does praying really makes our wishes and dreams come true? Honestly, i don’t know. But do try it. Maybe it’ll come true. Who knows? =) Btw, great job justin!=D

Yeah, i’m a fan. (it’s obvious hellooo?) He’s amazing. He became so successful in the young age. I have no idea why anyone would hate justin. Maybe they’re jealous HAHA. He’s cute (no doubt la!XD) and he’s talented.

I didn’t like him at 1st. I thought he’s just a singer with a weird girly voice (fans don’t beat me up okay!). But i grew to like him and his songs. I don’t really like his hit song Baby. But his U Smile is good. Somebody To Love is good too. I like the softer side (?) of him.=D

He’s just 2 years older than me leh. I wonder what’s the feeling to become FAMOUS? I bet it’s GOOD!X)

He also made a movie of his life. I WILL watch it. It’s call Never Say Never.

Never Say Never

The poster♥

Never Say NeverPoster number 2♥

He inspires many of his fans to keep on believing in their dreams. I will too.=)

The official video of Pray here

ps: HATERS go away! SHOO! lalalaX)



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