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Oh no!

I play piano.

I like piano. I like the sound of calmness it produces. Whenever i get mad, i’ll play the piano and feel better.=)

Okay, i’m grade 8 now. I’ll be taking my practical exam about august next year. THE grade 8 practical exam. It’s a lot of pressure oh gosh. Plus i’m taking PMR next year.

When I got my exam pieces, I was like, O_O?! You get that? I can know it’s HARD by just looking at it LOL. There are many semiquavers.

semiquaversThis is 1 of the pages. Maybe there’s not MANY laX) but to me it is.

I listened to the CD and my mouth went wide opened. WHAT?! Some of the songs are real fast. Songs in group B are FAST FAST FAST. And they’re all at least 7 pages OMG. I have to choose 1 out of 3. I think i’m going for number 2. It’s not that fast compared to the other 2.

I don’t play a lot of fast tempo songs. I play more romantic period pieces or modern pieces. So it’s kinda a hard job to me.

But i’ll get through it eventually. Hard work is needed man! Haiz.



Comments on: "Oh no!" (2)

  1. Haha, final already. 🙂 Grats. Try harder in your exams (practice much much!!) and good luck!

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