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Back to where I begin

I suck lol. (DO NOT agree with me HAHA)

I chose wordpress 1st, then i go for blogger instead, then i found out it’s complicated (for me) and it sucks then here i am, wordpress again. (Please don’t beat me okay)

It’s hard to choose. I think my brain cells died a whole lot. HAHA.

I couldn’t make up my mind. I always do. Haiz. I guess i think too much. Piscean does. So I’m not all wrong! 😛

But I won’t change my mind again. PROMISE.

In the end, wordpress fits me. It’s simple and easy to use. Unlike blogger. It’s my personal problem anyway. All bloggers don’t hate me yar! It’s just my personal thoughts.;)

I found out that blogger.. bores me. Why?O_O I have NOOO idea. I discovered wordpress through a friend of mine and it caught my attention. (I think i shouldn’t blame on the blog provider. Opps!XD)

Now, why do i open a blog? Honestly, I don’t know LOL. It’s just came into my mind. I never have the thought to open one as i’m lazy to update and blablabla. But people change.=D So i’m not lazy anymore? NONO(HAHAHAXD) I still am lazy but not so serious lah! So (drum roll pls~), here it is!

Okaaaay. Hope you enjoy!



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