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Bzzzzzzz Bumblebee!

Transformers 3Watched this yesterday.

Man i love it. I don’t know why the reviews are bad. :S I guess different people have different opinions.

I always love Transformers from the beginning! 😀 The 1st one is sooo good! Heart it! I remembered i watched the 1st one twice hah.

Yeah Autobots, Decepticons. I like Bumblebee wee!


The movie is…long? Okay i don’t pay attention to the time cause i’m watching it SERIOUSLY. So nice mah. And after finishing it at the cinema at Metro Plaza (lao ya cinema pfft. Sigh cause it’s the only cinema near our house and it’s night already what you want go to Time Square at this time meh? So chose there loh. They don’t even turn on the aircond wth? And there’re REALLY. MANY. INDIANS. When we went into the cinema there was a smell. You know lah those indian smell == I don’t like indian smell :’D), when we got into the car i thought the time was only maybe 11 something and when i saw the clock i went OH MY BUDDHA IT’S 11.45 PM ALREADY OH MY PAPA! Uh huh THAT’S WHEN i found out the movie was long.

But. Worth it anyways.

There were 2 scenes that made me feel like crying. But i didn’t drop tears lah.

(i realise  that the advantages of going to cinema are: 1. You can cuddle up with your bf/gf. 2. If you cry silently I THINK no one will know cause it’s quite dark unless that people keep staring at you and don’t wanna watch the damn movie and waste his money. 3. You get a big big screen to look at and it’s so syok! 4. You get free super duper cold aircond in those high-end cinemas not like Metro Plaza pfft. 5. You can leave your rubbish at your own seat after finishing the movie (囧?!) okay just kidding.) Oh yeah!

1 of the scenes is before the Autobots being kicked off by humans to the space at the super big spaceship there. :S Why the humans so ungrateful one?! The Autobots help save their world TWICE loh! (chillax) And Bumblebee said bye to Sam that scene ooh kinda sad. 😦

And the other 1 is when the bad ones want to kill Bumblebee and Sam couldn’t do anything but watch and drop tears. So touch their friendship! I felt sour at my nose when watching this. No tears yet haha.

Duh i’m a pieces. So i’m emotional. 😀 (why am i proud?)

Again it’s a nice movie i like it! Yeah!

I wanna watch all the Harry Potters after PMR woohoo. Who got the tapes or dvd can lend me? 😀 Can? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD



The song’s nice! Listened to it 1st time while watching 斗牛要不要 some years ago hah. The song has some sadness me thinks. I still remembered once my friend told me that she listened till tears dropped when listening to the instrumental one. Sadness.

And the drama quite nice! (okay back to topic)


HI! Not hi~ i mean HI! (LOL watched this from 恋爱通告 at Shaun’s house and it’s funny!)

Here i am backiee! Okay. Been busy with i-don’t-know-what-too so long time haven’t come up here. Too bad so sad.


I went for treatment last Sunday and IT. IS. OH. MY. EFFING. PAPA. PAIN. :’D

painNo wrinkles pfft. And i shut my mouth.

Oh yeah. I think i never felt THAT pain in my 14 and a half years life. Yay! :S But it’s for my own good so. And thanks dad for taking me. :’) 100++ leh you think what? Gotta appreaciate lah of course hehe.

And if you saw my status on fb then you will know i met a asshole. Stupid idiot crazy insane go-to-hell asshole. Urgh i won’t elaborate just wanna say I WISH YOUR HANDS WILL BE CHOP OFF. Let it be eaten by dogs or whatever. :@ GO DAI. Why do these people even exist? They make people’s life miserable and harmful. AHHHHHHHHH! Again, go to hell.

Went to Shaun’s house for his housewarming on Saturday. And i met my old friend there aww. A primary school friend! It’s been too long already. I think the last time i met her is 1 year ago like that? So freakin’ long time ago. 😦

I do miss her. We are best friends when primary school time. 🙂 And met her again ytd brought back some memories hah. We talked and it was good. Exchanged news from each other and girl’s stuff haha. I even told her a secret i didn’t tell others except 1. Just because is her. Wooh 🙂


Just wanna say that you mean something to me. Although enrolled in different schools and couldn’t see each other often, we are still good friends right? 😀 You are still so thin and you still wear watch. I remember. 🙂 We gotta hang out lah! Someday!

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-604" title="DSC04933" src="" alt="

Oh yeah i still have this photo from that karaoke day! This is us! ♥


Some updates lah about what happened these past days!



糟糕. 好像很没礼貌. 才看了他1本书就这样了oops. 但很好叫耶这个字. XD 干!


花了才3天的时间看完了九把刀的 ‘那些年, 我们一起追的女孩’. 有朋友说她越看越显. 虽然它并没有爱情小说的澎湃, 没有爱情小说那么感动人心, 没有想为男女主角落泪的冲动, 但看完了的那个瞬间, 我感到一阵温暖涌上心头. 原本以为就这样啊. 看完了就这样. 但没有. 欣慰和温暖. 慢慢散开在心坎. 🙂

推荐序里王传一有提到: 看完的当下涌上心头的却是满满的温暖. 错不了. 有人跟我感同身受嘛.

故事写的是九把刀的真实经历, 青春时期他怎样喜欢和追求那个女孩. 我觉得女孩好幸福. 哈哈如果有人为我这样努力我会感动到死. XD (好啦没拿么严重)

青春期就是要充满热情! 热血沸腾的啦! ‘所有想告诉你何时该谈恋爱何时不该谈恋爱的关心魔人, 去死. 勇敢相信自己的嗅觉, 谈场属于青春的恋爱吧!’     干这真赞!

p/s: 我并没有鼓励大家拼命去谈恋爱我的妈 (汗) 对的人很重要 XD 就觉得这句很棒!

要喜欢一个人8年不是一件容易的事. 不. 根本就是难. 8 年耶! 超久的. 专一的人我欣赏! Woohoo!


靠努力就可以得到任何爱情, 太天真了. 但努力决对不能少啦. 不然爱情的姿态怎么动人?

(我不是爱情专家 :’) 纯粹是感想)


‘精准的失控’, 我来啦! Ohyeah!


I miss mah voice

Hey yo. /cough/ (imagine the sound made when you close your nose and talk cause hell yeah that’s how my voice sounds like now!)


coughYay this is me! lol. I cough till like my organs want come out already. URGH! I hope i won’t cough till got blood come out choi!

fake coughWhile finding photos i found this and i think it’s so fake loh. She doesn’t show the ‘hello i’m suffering from coughing like shit‘ look also. Bad model! XD And i wonder why people cough they will put their fist in front of their mouth. Mostly the photos are like that.

(i’m bored)

School reopened. (a week ago pfft) And i fell sick the 1st day. Woohoo. High fever till 40+ celsius man. Luckily my brain still worked normal that time didn’t boil till sot. 😀 The feeling of hotness in your body is not cool. == Hot in the inside but cold on the outside. Like you wanna don’t wear clothes but felt cold so have to turn off the fan but in the end don’t know why started to feel hot and your dad made you to go bathe but after bathe you still felt kinda hot lol. (okay i not didn’t want to wear clothes. It’s just an example)

I rarely fell sick. (i’m proud bwahaha) Just those sometimes, bacteria too missed me already?!

And now i have coughing. Pffft luckily my flu is getting better i think and sore throat too not so sore already. But if you hear me talk you will hear a voice with super strong nose sound. Sounds kinda weird loh my voice. Is it too much mucus in my nose then made my voice like this? == FLU LAH! I miss my voice seriously. /.\

sickI practically look like this omg haha. Except that i have long hair and i look nicer. XD Okay.

You feel like you wanna die when you sick. Do what also no energy some more dizziness kills! Woohoo! But someone will care for you when you really fall sick. Like your dad and mum! Your siblings won’t care. Trust me. -.- And people who loves you. 🙂 I hope when i’m sick again my love will care for me and take care of me hah XD

And i wanna say sorry to my bandmates. Really sorry. I didn’t want myself to sick too. 😦 Who hates me now? :’) Okay sorry again. Guess i fell sick at the wrong time.

xo (cough) xo♥

Tiredness turns your mood bad. Like you don’t wanna talk to anybody.

Tiredness makes your body weak. Like you can float wooh. And you walk like you’re drunk.

Tiredness kills. Conclusion?


This is what i experienced after my Genting trip with band. I’m back! ( okay actually i’m backed at Sunday morning but what i did is sleep and sleep and sleep so only now i touch my blog 😀 ) If you saw my status you would know i sleep for a world record of 24 hours wow o wow i also shocked. I saved 3 meals?! HAHA.

We went there to perform. Marching at the outdoor man! It’s a new experience for all of us. The negative side? We got muscle pain woohoo. :’) Luckily the weather’s cold so we won’t sweat. Nice weather BUT MY LIPS SUFFERED. Walao i think it’s the cold weather made my lips dry and bleed. Wth so pain loh! Next time when wanna go to cold places needa bring lip care already.

UsPreparing for the performance!

UsLook from the back! Wait for it…

BandThis is us performing! ♥

UsA nearer look. In case you’re wondering, the front one is me 😀

ClownsThese are some clowns that walked in front of us when we marched. I felt kinda pity for them cause they have to put on their makeup for the whole day. Wooh bad for the skin.

Tall clownsMe thinks these tall tall clowns are creepy. Don’t know why. Like can 1 slap then people will die.

UsWhy became so colourful one?! Hah actually there’s still got green at the back too far lah.

We changed to the Genting clothes for the last performance on Sat night. The clothes are TOO BIG LAH.

PercussionI heart my section ♥ 😀 It’s our bond babe!

Besides performing we too have fun! I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 with wanyee. AT MIDNIGHT. 1.15am. Just the 2 of us hah. A new experience for us. We didn’t fall asleep man! XD The mermaids in the movie are so pretty! But they’re scary at the same time ==

After watching the movie damn sleepy. I slept at 4 am then woke up at 7 am to play the outdoors. I’m so geng :O The 1st ride? COCKSCREW. Wooh my eyes definitely went like this O.O Not sleepy at all already. The most fun ride me thinks.

And i played the space shot woohoo! At 1st i thought it was very creepy cause i fear height seriously. It went up and up and up and stopped. My senior said to me ‘Can you see a bird there? Neh there ah the black one.’ I searched for it loh and suddenly. WE WENT DOWN AND I SCREAMMMMMMMMMMED. And it wasn’t that scary! 😀 So syok to be on high places to see the beautiful scenery!

BUT BAD THINGS HAPPENED. Wth i lost dad’s-rare-used phone at the outdoor. I don’t know where and how i lost it. Like it just disappeared. :@ My dad didn’t scold mua after i told him. :’) Thank god!

But at the evening i felt like vomiting. pfft too extreme already. THE SPINNING CUP. Walao i guessed we spinned it too fast. Too high lah! Please don’t laugh me. :’) And so damn tired! Luckily i get better cause we gotta perform at night.

StarbucksChocolate cream chip ♥ I rarely drink starbucks so try it loh. Kinda nice.

StarbucksThis is hazelnut chocolate drink. I prefer the 1st one.

ps: of course i didn’t drink 2 drinks at the same time == 1 drink a night ♥

A nice trip full with memories! Hope that we can have trips like this again. 😀

Tomorrow i’m going to the culture camp at new era woohoo. Finally got the mood back. After back from Genting i felt moody. Have no idea why. Like i’m lifeless. 😦 Hope that the camp will turn out nice! Many friends are going too so i hope i can have a good time~


Wooh here i am again after like 2 weeks? Sorry blog.

Geez it’s been a long month babe. A stressful month. :’) EXAM LAH. But i felt good (woohoo). I READ books this time wee. Don’t wanna think about the results now lah! IT’S HOLS BABE! 


(what’s with the shit?)

Places to go: Genting the 1st week and camp the 2nd week. AND BOTH ARE 4 DAYS 3 NIGHTS I’M GOING TO BE FREE /evil laugh/. My dad says so anyways. He’s the one who said i’m going to be sakai. LOL cause no parents watching me. HEHE.

I’m going to have a good time! Looking forward weh o wa o wa o~ (this is the kitkat song) (i feel like singing it) (got any problem?)

It’s going to be a busy hols and me likey! ♥

My hols plan:

1. Watch manga

Hello i’m a manga fan. 😀 Long time didn’t watch One PIece lah! Boohoo. And Fairytail too. 😦 I totally forgot i read till where man. Ohmyshit. Gonna refresh my memory. MANGA HERE I COMEEEEEEEEEEE!

2. Watch drama.

GLEE. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. HELLCATS. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Oh my i wanna watch all those. But don’t know have the time or not. :/ Since i’m at home 3 days a week only. Geez.

3. Watch movie.

Who wanna belanja me? 😀 HAHA feel like going to the cinema to watch! Quite some times didn’t go there cause mum says it’s wasting money. Boohoo. I miss the feel facing the big big screen. And the super cold temperature. And the popcorn. So. IF YOU FEEL LIKE WANNA BELANJA ME SAY IT XD I’M HONOUR XD

Never say never

I watched Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never. SO NICE. And he’s cute.

Watched it during exam days. I’M STRESSED HELLO. In order to relieve stress i choose to watch people i like on-screen XD Unfortunately there’re no Avril’s movie. She should make one man XD

Never say never. That’s what i learned from Justin. Pursue your dream man. At least you have one better than those who have none. Life will be meaningless without a dream. It gives you motivation! Hah and i always day dreaming. It’s WHAT I AM. So day dreaming is not a bad thing after all. (woohoo)

Okay have a great time everyone! HOLS ROCK! Who’s with me?!

Gotta go band practice so ciao!



No one’s fearless.

Welcome to my inner fear.

Don’t scream, don’t shiver, don’t wet your pants, don’t shake till your hair drops, don’t scare till your lips turn purple, okay seriously this is crap talking XD

Thing’s i’m afraid of:




I think i have serious acrophobia. I even feel scare when walking beside a drain. Somemore are those normal ones not those high high deep deep ones like wooh you can jump into it and swim. Err dirty. If are those kinds i sure won’t walk near them. BUT. If there’s a protection PROTECTS me from falling then i won’t scare. Weird (?) acrophobia of me hah.

I still remember when i was like 10, my family went to sunway lagoon cause mum’s company organised a Family’s Day trip for all the staffs. Then there was an activity where we could go walk on the bridge which was HANGING ON THE SKY. SOMEMORE IS A ROPE BRIDGE like not so safe one. (but it’s safe actually) Then i get enthusiastic and wanna tried loh. After walking like 3 steps then i wanna turned back. :’)

BUT MY DAD MY MUM MY BRO MY SIS ALREADY WALKING. I yelled for my dad and thank god he came back for meeeee. I think i was crying while walking step by step like a tortoise. 😀 HELLO I’M TERRIFIED.

THEN THERE WERE THOSE FREAKIN’ PEOPLE who like have many energy no where can release KEEP RUNNING AND JUMPING ON THE BRIDGE. I so wanna scream. STOP JUMPING WALK NICELY EFF YOU! urgh. Like really loh. So scared already still wanna make the bridge move. GO BUY A JUMPING BED AND JUMP FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. pffft.

(okaaaaay jumping is not a fault but whatever :P)


That tiny and geli thing. And dirty. And fugly. And bring diseases. And annoying. And yucking. Somehow, it just scares me. Although i too don’t like all insects except those cute cute one (got insect cute one? 囧) but i hate cockroach. sobs. So if someone play cockroach i will KILL YOU. 😀 Not the cockroach. Cause i won’t touch that thing. teehee.


Errrr. Used to afraid lol.

There’s a time when i really really scare of IT. (I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG OR GUILTY) Primary school that time. Classmates play those ghost games like 笔仙 and 碟仙.    囧     And there were ghost storybooksssss. Walao and that time i read them loh cause curious and nothing to do. Then the nightmare starts. :’)

I remembered when i was brushing teeth then i would feel scared. Like what if IT suddenly slowly came behind me and caught me? What if a ghost hand suddenly rising from the toilet bowl wanna… do what it wanna do? Thanks to all those books. ==

Now think back i felt that i’m err kinda stupid.

Just think of these only. Now ya’ll know and DO NOT SCARE ME WITH THOSE THINGS I TELL YOUUUU. :S Teehee all kind people won’t. Wanna be kind? XD

Exam ah! 😦 Few more days till then. WOOH SYOK. == Everyone study hard okay! ♥


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